East Point using placcies March 2019

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East Point using placcies March 2019

Post by Flickin4em » Fri Mar 08, 2019 5:06 pm

First trip to the area for the year.

The seabreeze gently wafted through the casurina trees along the shoreline with tiny waves of 15cm lapping the edges of the reef nearby as I swung the 4WD into the shade. 1 other car parked nearby was the only signs of potential company at the spot today. But pretty unlikely ...... as the rest of the people who I've seen fish this section usually park well back miles away if fishing here so I assumed it was somebody out for a walk with the dog.

Once I'd done parking in a prime spot I didn't even bother rigging a new lure or leader from my last lap to SWA and headed of towards the nearby beach. A short scramble down a near vertical rock face had me in the good area saving easily a km of walking by taking the the easiest way in. :D

Can't wait until I get older and less fit. :lol:

I was running the spin rod this trip once again despite the sensible advice of my mate. But the light lures and advantage of bulk casting distance without the birds nest factor had won out for todays trip. A few near misses with going in the drink ensued as I'd turned up wearing thongs but with a steady pace and expert balance as well as extreme caution I was soon in position unhooking the lure from the bottom runners frame.

A quick check of the sharpness of my placcie with my fingernail and we were away.

Suprisingly. ....NO BS :bs: I was on first cast.

Almost as soon I'd begun the retrive a small longtom was the first enquiry but as I wound it in it unhooked itself which is part of the fun of having single hooks on soft placcies. Second cast fish on again ..... ''I could get used to this'' I thought after recalling a million casts between hits on a few earlier barra trips this season. Only small, but a prime mackrel bait sized stripie was unhooked and sent back. 3rd cast of the day I actually had another hooked up fish but it went deep into the rocks and once I'd got my lure back from its lair the fish was long gone. Dunno what it was but shortly afterwards a few more smaller versions of his mates were landed too. 8)

Whilst the fish weren't very big in this spot the constant action and varied species list was a bit of low stress fun. For a change the sand between the toes and constant crash of the waves against the rocks was a nice scene to be getting a onto a few decent fish in amongst the rat fest of tiny reefies. Along the course of an hour or so I'd added a few firsts on the soft placcie I was using including a little black spot tuskfish pictured below :mrgreen:
which kindly bit me on the side of the thumb as I was gently returning it to the water. :banghead:

Soon after negotiating a bit further out along the rockbar below the cliffs I decided my dry boardies were holding me back from a few better locations so I committed to getting wet unloaded the backpack and phone onto a nearby boulder. Then I waded out to a ''supposedly better reef area'' but it wasn't to be the case today with only one decent goldie lost before I returned to the spot I'd started at after a few more prospecting casts on the way back.

As soon as I'd arrived back there another good hit disabled my lure leaving it without the tail. It fell to the bottom as I stopped the retrive 4m out and as it sat there on the sand I saw a few 25cm sand whiting arrive at it and begin biting at it over and over... they were unable to eat it far enough down for me to hook them and only good for bait anyway.

I searched the backpack for spare bodies. But alas it was to no avail, and after a cold drink, and even despite getting a fair few more hits on my wounded lure I left knowing that I had sussed out another spot a bit more today. And would be back with reinforcements in the way of more spare lures on the same level of tide another day along with with better more suitable footwear too.
15min from the city ..... it's a tough life this Darwin gig.
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Re: East Point using placcies March 2019

Post by b-radical » Fri Mar 08, 2019 6:45 pm

EXTREME........ Good yarn and not a bad view to fish from

Darwin's not too bad :drinking1:
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