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Betty X - sex dwarf

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 11:48 pm
by back-cast
........................ listen to this it's crazy




:sailing: :sleep:

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 11:48 pm
by Chloe
Are they exactly the same?

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:03 am
by back-cast
Practical investigations

What are meant by “reflux conditionsâ€Â

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:03 am
by Chloe
What is your credit card number?

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:11 am
by back-cast
Credit Card Fraud

21 tips to protect yourself from being a victim of credit card fraud:

Although credit card fraud is certainly on the rise -- and credit card fraud on the Internet is rising even more dramatically -- many savvy Internet shoppers know that the reality is that it's actually much safer to enter your credit card number on a secure online order form than it is to give your credit card to a waiter at a restaurant.

After all, what's to stop the waiter from writing down your credit card number and placing orders on the phone with it later?

And research shows that the rate of fraudulent purchases made by cell phones is much higher than credit card fraud on the Net.

Nevertheless, we encourage you to take precautions when giving out any confidential information (including your credit card number) over the Internet, over the phone... or anywhere else for that matter!

Always use common sense -- it is the best rule of thumb.

Nonetheless, we've created 21 tips to protect yourself from credit card fraud -- which you'll find below.

1. Keep an eye on your credit card every time you use it, and make sure you get it back as quickly as possible. Try not to let your credit card out of your sight whenever possible.

2. Be very careful to whom you give your credit card. Don't give out your account number over the phone unless you initiate the call and you know the company is reputable. Never give your credit card info out when you receive a phone call. (For example, if you're told there has been a 'computer problem' and the caller needs you to verify information.) Legitimate companies don't call you to ask for a credit card number over the phone.

3. Never respond to emails that request you provide your credit card info via email -- and don't ever respond to emails that ask you to go to a website to verify personal (and credit card) information. These are called 'phishing' scams.

4. Never provide your credit card information on a website that is not a secure site.

5. Sign your credit cards as soon as you receive them.

6. Shred all credit card applications you receive.

7. Don't write your PIN number on your credit card -- or have it anywhere near your credit card (in the event that your wallet gets stolen).

8. Never leave your credit cards or receipts lying around.

9. Shield your credit card number so that others around you can't copy it or capture it on a cell phone or other camera.

10. Keep a list in a secure place with all of your account numbers and expiration dates, as well as the phone number and address of each bank that has issued you a credit card. Keep this list updated each time you get a new credit card.

11. Only carry around credit cards that you absolutely need. Don't carry around extra credit cards that you rarely use.

12. Open credit card bills promptly and make sure there are no bogus charges. Treat your credit card bill like your checking account -- reconcile it monthly. Save your receipts so you can compare them with your monthly bills.

13. If you find any charges that you don't have a receipt for -- or that you don't recognize -- report these charges promptly (and in writing) to the credit card issuer.

14. Always void and destroy incorrect receipts.

15. Shred anything with your credit card number written on it.

16. Never sign a blank credit card receipt. Carefully draw a line through blank portions of the receipt where additional charges could be fraudulently added.

17. Carbon paper is rarely used these days, but if there is a carbon that is used in a credit card transaction, destroy it immediately.

18. Never write your credit card account number in a public place (such as on a postcard or so that it shows through the envelope payment window).

19. Ideally, it's a good idea to carry your credit cards separately from your wallet -- perhaps in a zippered compartment or a small pouch.

20. Never lend a credit card to anyone else.

21. If you move, notify your credit card issuers in advance of your change of address.

If you suspect credit card fraud:

If your credit cards are lost or stolen, contact the issuer(s) immediately.

Most credit card companies have toll-free numbers and 24-hour service to deal with these emergencies -- they are eager to avoid credit card fraud.

According to US law, once you have reported the loss or theft of your credit card, you have no more responsibility for unauthorized charges. Further, your maximum liability under federal US law is $50 per credit card -- and many credit card issuers will even waive that fee for good customers.

If you follow all these tips, it will go a long way in protecting you from credit card fraud.

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:12 am
by Chloe
The act of stop the waiter from writing down your credit card number and placing orders on the phone with it latering. Probably a lot of places. Chat amongst yourselves. OK I will try it. I'm not.

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 3:21 pm
by back-cast
Show Name: Eargazm
DJ Name: T.O., Uncle B.

Show Time: Saturday, 6-10 PM
Date:10/13/01 Sex


What Does Sex Mean To Me
Human Sexual Response
Figure 14

Add It Up
Violent Femmes
Violent Femmes

The Brain From Planet Eros
Gary Lucas
Gods and Monsters

Sex With The Sherrif
Eugene Chadbourne
Corpses Of Foreign Wars

Stuffin Martha s Muffin

Two Hands
King Crimson

Sex Eat Drink Sleep Dream
King Crimson

You Can Leave Your Hat On
Randy Newman
Sail Away

Love In The Afternoon
Cats Down Under The Stars

Pull Up To The Bumper
Grace Jones
Island Life

Sex And The Church

Sex Dwarf
Soft Cell
Non Stop Erotic Cabaret

Joe Jackson
Beat Crazy

Bareback Ridin
Eric Burden
Black Man s Burden

Come On In My Kitchen
David Bromberg
How Late ll You Play Till

I Just Wanna Make Love To You
Muddy Waters
His Best 47-55

Hootchie Kootchie Man
Willie Dixon
I Am The Blues

My Sweet Little Angel
BB King
Live At The Regal

The Hunter
Koko Taylor
Queen Of The Blues

I Just Wanna Make Love To You
Buddy Guy Junior Wells
South Side Blues Jam

Sex With A Capital X
Root Boy Slim
Route 66

Comeback Pussy
Dickie Williams
In Your Face

Our Last Time
Robert Cray
I Was Warned

Betty Balls Blues
Kip Hanrahan/Taj Mahal

Let Me Love You Baby
Buddy Guy
Damn Right I ve Got The Blues

Let Me Love You
Jeff Beck

Rock Me Baby
Jimi Hendrix
Box Set

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
10yrs After

My Mamma Never Taught Me
Annette Peakock
X Dreams

The Humming Song
Martin Mull
I m Everyone I ve Ever Loved

Lemon Squeezer
Fleetwood Mac
Shrine 69

Lemon Song
Led Zeppelin

Whole Lotta Love
Led Zeppelin
BBC Sessions

I Just Wanna Make Love To You

Head Room
How Dare You

This Is A Foxy Word
Tom Tom Club
Close To The Bone

Challenge Of The Love Warriors
Tom Tom Club
Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom
Blow You A Kiss
Cedar Street Sluts
Songs For Working Girls

Something Anything

Whydya Do It
Maryanne Faithful
Broken English

Sookie Sookie
Best Of

Bad Boys Get Spanked

BikiniGirls With Machine Guns
Smell Of Female

One Time For Me
R H Heat
Liquor In The Front

Monster In My Pants
Fred Schnieder

Love So Fine
Nick Lowe
Labour Of Lust
Sex Machine
James Brown
20 All Time Greatest Hits

Wake Up And Make Love ToMe
Ian Dury
New Boots And underwear

Lesbians Are Our Friends
Sam Kineson

Sex And Drugs
Ian Dury
New Boots And Panty

Louisana Liplock
Pleasure Barons
Live In Las Vegas

Vibrator Dependent
Root Hog

Some Girls
Some Girls

London Calling

Frank Zappa
Man From Utopia

Great Gig In The Sky
Pink Floyd
Dark Side


Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 3:21 pm
by Chloe
Look to your left.

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 3:24 pm
by back-cast
but i'm on your right drinking milk

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 3:24 pm
by Chloe
Tell me a story.

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 3:25 pm
by back-cast
what sort of story ??????????????????????????

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 3:25 pm
by Chloe
An entertaining one.

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 3:28 pm
by back-cast
Entertaining Stories


The children left the dinner table and ran to where Grandpa was sitting by the fire whittling.

"Grandpa, Grandpa, tell us a scary story before we go to bed."

"You want to here the story of de Pons/Slow or Phillipa the Hood?" asked Grandpa putting down his whittling.

"No Grandpa, Pons is a wimp, Phillipa is a putz. They don't even scare Baby x. Tell us a _really_ scary story!"

"How about the Tale of the Doge-1/92?" he said raising his eyebrows.

"Ooh YES grandpa," said the children, their eyes growing wide.

The children always loved the story of Doge-1/92. Like Tyrannosaurus Rex he was "Very Big, Very Scary, and Very Safely Dead," and here is how the story goes for all you young'uns out there:

England and France were fully engaged in a war that took up all their resources. The war was primarily economic (most are) revolving around crippling/preserving cash flow for the combatants.

Along came the Doge of Venice. He held about as large a purse, and as large a seasonal income, as the French and English kings combined and could tip the balance in this economic warfare.

He had a very nice way of negotiating. He would propose a deal. Because he proposed the deal, he felt you were obliged by its terms, whether you responded or not. He (because he had ducats and knew we wanted them) did not feel obliged to honor the terms however. His terms were just a starting point for new demands.

The Doge backed Edward, the Doge backed Phil Valois. The Doge fought as a third power grabbing some fiefs on his own....

And then The Purge cost him some fiefs!

"Oh no grandpa, not The Purge!"

Well he went nuts. He had spent ducats to get those fiefs and if he could lose them to some stupid purge, he an experienced player who had been playing this game for almost three weeks, the Game was stupid and everyone in the Game was stupid and they should all be punished for wasting his ducats.

At this point the English King (who always tried to be helpful even when he should know better) pointed out to the Doge that all fiefs were not subject to The Purge.

"What fiefs aren't?" asked the Doge.

"The fiefs of Edward Planthead, and Phil Valois for example" said King Ed.

"Yeah but they have big armies. Are any other fiefs Purge Proof?" asked the Doge.

"Well, disputed fiefs, but they are rare. Oh yeah, and the fiefs of the Pope and the Heralds, too, since they don't recycle." concluded Ed.

The children's eyes opened wide in horror. "Oh Grandpa, surely King Ed was not so stupid as to suggest to a man like the Doge that the fiefs of the Pope and the Heralds were the best fiefs in the game to attack?"

"Well," said grandpa, "King Ed was distracted by the war in France, and was trying to be helpful, and maybe didn't think it through and...."

Grandpa stammered.

Little Odo looked at Grandpa in his white beard and the picture of Old King Ed on the wall. Was there a resemblance there? Nah, couldn't be. Even Grandpa wasn't be that old.

Well, continued Grandpa, since the Doge had been tipped the Pope was purge proof the Doge immediately declared himself king of Italy. He demanded all the Pope's lands, and all the lands of the Other Italians for good measure. And he raised an army of 60,000 troops and started sieging (I told you he was rich).

The Pope yelled for help. Edward immediately answered the call. Edward was of course the finest figure of a Christian King. He was 11 feet tall with a long blond beard turning white, he was most fearsome in battle, wisest in council...

"Get on with the story, Grandpa," shouted Baby x. When grandpa started on that tack there was often no stopping him.

Well, Ed and the Pope and Bishop Burys and the English Herald all started a war with the Doge during the war with France. The French didn't help. They did send EMAIL to Ed saying they hoped he went broke in Italy right before the Doge killed him, and Ed showed those letters to the Pope with a remarkable effect on French Church Taxes ever after, but the French still wouldn't help.

Local Others and nearby English leant a hand, and the ops was extremely complicated and that was significant as will be obvious in a minute.

To fight the 60,000 man army, get a siege on a Level 110 keep and keep it there for the 20 or so seasons required LOTS of troop transfers, ferrying men here and there, recruiting etc.

Most of this was in Venice itself (where Burys sieged about 20 turns) and there lay the rub.

The Doge of 1/92 was an evil guy, see. HE DIDN'T KILL PEOPLE HE SEIZED THEM!

Back then seizing was forever (no autoransom). Also you didn't "purge out" in 21 days but in 30. So the Doge would seize you (anywhere he owned a fief but most often in Venice where guys had to "stand naked" for a few minutes after transferring troops to Burys.)

The Doge would then tell you things like "You are only 25 years old. You won't die, likely until you are 75. So I will hold you out of the game as my prisoner for 50 years or 200 seasons. PPHHHFFFLLLTTT!"

Philippa and Pons only Kill people, The Doge was nasty!

And that is why all those ideas that seizing be permanent, or permanent if you are King, are Very Bad Ideas).

The Doge even caught a Herald. This Herald was cagey tho' and when the Doge came to taunt him in his cell in the Dungeons of Venice the Herald would talk back. A lot. A lot means the Herald uploaded the entire Docs for the Game as a series of Online Messages to the Doge via macro (and that is why we have a Squelch Feature, boys and girls. Dan had to make one up quick 'cause the Doge had 200,000 bytes of OL messages to wade through to get to a menu <NAUGHTY).

Oh yeah, Heralds used to be more active in the Old Days. LOTS more active.

The Doge also had another neat tactic. He would log on, peep if anyone was in Venice, and log off (presumably by Macro, since he could do it in less than 30 seconds). He would do this a lot. A lot means 30 or 40 times a day!

If anyone was in Venice or his other fiefs (which we were also taking) he would Seize-Them-Forever.

We ran the ops at 4 AM. We ran the ops and troop transfers in Prime Time. The Doge popped in and out and seized at all those odd times too though.

Then finally, on about his ... (hmm, 20 seasons of siege * 9 rounds/season...) on his 179th 1% chance Burys finally rolled an "01" and took Venice! (Reportedly he fainted from the shock it actually worked and his brother, Jon, had to go over and revive him so he could continue.)

The Doge ran, but people chased him. He was caught, and executed, in Zealand finally, and that was the end of the Evil Doge of 1/92.

Now all you young'uns go to bed, it's way past bed time!

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 3:29 pm
by Chloe
OK, I will here the story of de PonsSlow or Phillipa the Hood. How about the Tale of the Doge~~22042~~92 . Did you believe him? I think I propose a deal. How about that. Where exactly is that? Do you often use a computer there? Really. Interesting. What else? Compare that to big Odo looked at Grandpa in his white beard and the picture of Old King Ed on the wall. Are you serious? You seem uncertain. What religion are you? What did he do? What makes you think I did not purge out in 21 days but in 30? What makes you think that I won't die likely until you are 75. More than a ton? How many?

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 3:31 pm
by back-cast
was that what you wanted ???????????????????????????