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Let's see your rig

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 4:41 pm
by Gold Can
Lets see pics,mods and just general chat about your rigs.

So I will get it started.
Currently I am boatless, sold my pride and joy of 8 years to take work overseas. but when I return I will be getting myself a new baby 580 Maxi center cab (custom) 150 4 stroke Suzi have a look although the pics dont do it justice.
lets here about your rigs

Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 8:31 pm
by max
my boat is a 4.9 hooker powered by a 60-4 stroke yammie,the interior is set up mainly for barra with front and rear casting decks there is a 55 lb minn kota that slides on the bow powered by 2 deep cycle batteries under the console its a great unit with the auto pilot feature very handy.the console is centre and quite aways back,there are positions for swivel seats on the bow and rear casting decks with a live bait tank in the rear quarter but since Ive had the minn kota I do bugger all live baiting.for electrics I have a lowrance 125 sounder and a 485 plotter both of which Im really happy with,this boat really shines in rough water the only thing I reckon could be better is the speed with 37 ks cruising and 45 top but that is the biggest motor I could put on it unless I went e-tech but Ive heard a few stories about them so stuck with what is good and the fuel economy is magic I can go a long way with my 130 ltrs underfloor fuel,I dont know if the photo will come through but here goes.

5 Metre GS Marine extreme side console

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2006 7:32 pm
by Shane Doevy
My rig is a 5 metre GS Marine Extreme side console. I am over the moon with it - powered by a 90 HP 4 Stroke Suzuki, dual batteries, kill tank, deck wash, under gunnale lighting, under bow sprite spotlights. The sounder/finder is a Navman 6500 trackfish. I have since changed the bait board for omne which allows me to place 2 lure trays and tools into as well as cut bait on top. 85 litre icebox under floor as well as heaps of storage space. :rocks:

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2006 7:47 pm
by pagey
My rig is a 435 Hornet Trophy. a little small now and looking to upgrade but still looking for the right boat. That said suits me well at the moment just a little restricted as im getting into blue water a little more and really have to pick my days to go offshore. Powered by a 40 yammy 4stroke which gives 38km cruiseing and 48 top speed. Can do the mouth of the south alligator and back to the ramp at full noise plus running around during the day from my fourty litre under floor tank. Have a x125 sounder and a garmin portable gps. Foreward and aft deck lights, deck wash and driving lights mounted which make those late night returns easier with the aid of a set of googles for the bugs. As for the upgrade think i have narrowed it down to two the 5m trail craft pro fish or a 5m+ quinny ledgend. Any ideas or other makes anybody could suggest would be good as i may have overlooked a type of boat. By the way yes i am a XXXX fanatic.
cheers pagey


Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 8:21 am
by chanos
Hi pagey,

I have been having a good look at various boats as looking to upgrade at the end of year, TABS are a great setup if you can get past the poor welding presentation and the price. Trailcraft....yep. Bluefin, old looking design that I believe would smash like cr.p in any sort of sea. GS marine, great boat again but might ask who actually builds them?

Personnaly I am after a stessl/Makocraft bass or barra boss. maybe some food for thought mate.

Regards Chanos.

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 2:24 am
by jonesy
There's a pic of the team. The car is on the way out very shortly. Commodores and towing boats in the top end don't match!

The boats a 3.85 stessl edgetracker tournament,with a 25hp yamaha. I look like a migit on the water up here compared to the rest,but it gives me enough fun. The stability of it is ridiculous! I've had it out in rough weather in PPB at home,and up here,and I feel at ease.Though I still pick my days.It sits beautifully on the water,unbelievably well. It cruises at about 38 km/h with me in it,had it to 46km/h. Struggles a bit with passengers upstream but. It was my baby when I bought it 3 years ago,but since coming here the last 18 months it's become a bit beaten up,especially the trailer. It needs an extreme makeover currently.
I've got a lowrance X87 sounder,does a good enough job for me. Don't have a gps mounted,just the hand held. Got a 40lb Minn Kota Rip Tide for it also,although I hardly use it up here. I took it to Corobooree one morning and was putting along the lilies when a croc started chasing me.Think it might have been attracted to the soundless vibrations of the minn kota. I haven't taken it back there again....
Yeah I'd like something bigger if I was going to stay here.It's just too hard when I have visitors up and taking them out.I'm a bit of nazi with floor space when fishing,when it's messy I get aggitated! Once the ice box,lures,cameras ,etc are put in, my nice wide open tinny is not that anymore. For just me it's perfect but.
First on the agenda is a new car. I'm thinking a Triton,see what happens in the next couple of months.


Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 8:22 am
by A_Nomad
Mines a stacer 4.75 with a 70hp evinrude. bort it 2nd hand, only 300 hours on the motor and was 6 years old, me and the missus put 180 hours on in 1 year..... the missus was pricing boats at a boat yard and was quoted 15000 which was above our budget, i rang 4 weeks later and the same boat had come down to 12000, got a lowrance x71 and a ifinder pro gps fully fitted for 700,brand new trailor and floor as well. all in all a great deal. Very happy with the way she handles as well.

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 1:21 pm
by PeterT
Our rig is same as Shane's, only with a 115 suzi. Called Extreme Dream.

Side console (better for sleeping aboard), full height casting deck, 85 litre cooler under deck, heaps of extra room for storage UD, 100litre fuel, 50 litre fresh water tank through salt or fresh washdown, under gunnel lighting, forward recessed spot lights/headlights, under floor 80 litre removable kill tank, 50 litre live bait tank, Navman radio, Lowrance LCX 25C colour chartplotter sounder, bimini rod racks.

I luv her!


Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 10:28 pm
by Blinky


Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 11:10 pm
by Gold Can
your pics didn't work

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 1:07 pm
by Blinky
Yeh, the website they are linked to must be down, they've been having a bit of trouble of late. They'll come good soon and the piccy's will be up and running. Thanks anyway.

Where abouts in Katherine are you? I lived out along Zimin Drive for 8 years, only sold our house a couple of years ago. Top town, Katherine, if I could get work in my line down there I'd move back tomorrow!

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 1:28 pm
by Gold Can
I am out at Tindal but moving to Darwin at Xmas time.

Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 1:51 am
by Electric Wonderland
Here is an old pic of the little girl, I will update when I get a better one.
She is a 4.85m Brooker Baychaser Centre console with a 60hp Mariner. With a Navman 5500 plotter, Matrix 27 fishfinder/GPS, Matrix 47 3D fishfinder, VHF and 27meg radios. 150lt underfloor fuel tank and a Navigator Tournament 5200 Engine-Mounted Electric Trolling Motor on the way.

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 10:35 pm
by Lobster
Joshua 6.0m Centre Cabin with 135 Honda.

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 10:46 pm
by 2rods
the old girl 5mtr Arafura marine

it's got all the stuff you need though, 100 yamaha, navman plotter and fuel meter, lowrance x102c sounder, deck wash, live bait tank, kill tank, VHF, hyd steering and it is soon to have LED deck lights.