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Monsoon latest

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 9:14 am
by Matt Flynn
From the weekly BOM tropical note ...

Australian monsoon may redevelop
Tropical cyclones Trevor and Veronica both formed from tropical lows which developed along a monsoon trough which was active across northern Australia last week. As these lows moved south, the monsoon trough in which they were embedded became separated from the cross-equatorial flow to the north, an essential element of monsoonal conditions. As a result, the monsoon trough broke down along much of its length. However, some weather models suggest a strengthening flow from the northern Pacific Ocean may move to Australian latitudes and lead to the redevelopment of a weak monsoon trough to Australia's north in the coming week. If a monsoon trough does develop, the likelihood of tropical low formation typically increases. Widespread rainfall could also be a feature if the monsoon trough moves over land.