They aren't barramundi, but there's something great about the speckled fish ...

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Post by max » Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:43 pm

Good stuff Blinky I will be getting myself over there surely one day

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Post by Mud » Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:00 pm

Thanks for the great story made me homesick. I grew up near the Tongariro in a small fishing village on the banks of Lake Taupo called Motuoapa. I would have been one of those kids doing bombs into the creek. It was so cold there that early in the summer when my class went to the swimming baths in the morning the teacher had to first break the thin ice on top of the pool.

The first fish I ever caught was a rainbow trout and for years I had no idea that people caught other fish using bait. My favourite flys were the Mrs Simpson and the Parsons Glory and when I went out on the lake in grandads boat I would tow around cobras. But hard bodied lures were a rarity and mostly I made my own gear. I feel like I started a trend too when I started fishing for trout with small spinners like the mepps and celtic although you had to snip a couple of hooks off the trebles. No one else was doing it and the little things were caning the trout.

Not many people realise that the deeper parts of those little trout streams are home to some gigantic (6 foot) fresh water eels. The maori boys from my school showed me how to catch them (not the really big ones) by getting in the water, crawling along the bank, then when you find a hole you put your arm in with your fingers outstretched so the eel cant get past. when you have squashed him in you find his gill slits and put your fingers in them to drag it out. You pick your eel size by the size of the hole. I only did it once but the eel was yummy over an open fire.

*sigh* I miss the lake. I miss lupin and ferns. I miss autumn and snow. I miss water so clear you can see the trout in the weeds 30 feet below the boat.

But hey....I love the NT and Baramundi too lol!!
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