The chorizo galaxy

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The chorizo galaxy

Post by Matt Flynn »

Turns out it wasn't a newly discovered sun, but something much tastier ... ... o-apology/

Jedi Seadog
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Re: The chorizo galaxy

Post by nomad »

Yeah I saw this
Lately, ive tried to expand my skills into astro photography without much luck
A couple of mates in Sydney have the latest and greatest gear and get some really nice pics of nebulae etc
I'm in Karumba and with the gin clear skies I decided to try my luck with the recent meteoroid showers. Supposed to be 40 per hr (ie almost 1 a minute)
Set my camera to do 20 sec exposures and murphys law says that every time I press the button, nothing, then while its processing, there is a meteor
Tried changing but nothing
In 4 hrs over 3 nights, I only got 3 shooting stars
I might break out the salami
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