South Gutter overnight

Jewies, big reds, macks & more - tell us how you went. NT, FNQ and Norwest.
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South Gutter overnight

Post by theodosius » Sun Jun 28, 2020 6:57 pm

I haven't had much luck fishing this year, and with a 4 month old finding a window to fish it tricky.

Yesterday arvo I threw the swag and a packet of chips in the boat and headed to South Gutter on sunset. Big tides but beggars can't be choosers.

Heading almost west meant I saw the whole sunset until the moon and stars took over. The water was just lumpy enough to feel the hull slicing through but not so much to be uncomfortable.

I arrived around 7PM, a couple of hours before high. Drifting baits with a few sinkers was my only option, but no luck. As the current slowed I dropped the minn kota. There was a window of about 20 mins with low current and no wind, and I pulled up a goldie, massive flag and a tricky in quick succession.

Out of nowhere the wind picked up, the motor struggled and spot lock was off the cards. I tried to anchor over my marks in 40m of water but kept overshooting before grabbing. 4 attempts with the full 100m had me buggered so I let it be and fished where I ended up. I went back to my old form i.e. shark fishing and ended up with a few to 10kg.

Rough night with the wind not dropping, I arose at 4 and rolled my swag before dropping a sandmar/redfish/squid combo which was promptly smashed. Ripper, jewy!!! A minute in and I must have torn a tooth off a gear, which made it tough going. Eventually got the fish to the surface to discover... another shark.

At first grey I trolled a couple of laps looking for a Spaniard but to no avail. Pretty certain I spotted a billie on the sounder, as well as a ball of bait. I dropped a slug down a few times with arms trembling but no luck.

Once there was enough light I motored back home to resume parental services. Not many fish to show for it but a feed, bit of scenery and some quiet contemplation.

Hope the 2 other boats out there got a few.
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john d
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Re: South Gutter overnight

Post by john d » Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:43 pm

At least you got out there.
better than me lately.
next time your out that way try the new reef between north ans soutt
Some good fish coming from there lately

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