Territory Fotofish 2019 - kicks off March 1

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Territory Fotofish 2019 - kicks off March 1

Post by Matt Flynn » Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:35 pm


Territory Fotofish 2019 - kicks off March 1 on the separate monthly thread.

PRIZES: For the first four winners, a Reidys Fish Snakz vibes five-pack. The first winner will receive additional lures.

FFF FotoFish 2019 rules are simple. For a chance to win ...

1. Post fishing photos on the appropriate monthly thread. Photos must be taken in 2019. A person must be in the photo, with a sentence explaining where (roughly) and how the fish was caught. Jump shots and other action shots are OK without someone in frame.
2. Each photo posted earns the poster a point. At year's end each poster's points go into a hat for a draw. More points increase the chance of winning. Unlimited photos can be posted each month, but only one point can be awarded from photo(s) from each fishing trip per person. In other words, one point per fishing trip regardless of how many pix are posted from that trip. However, different FFFers on the same trip can each post separately their own pic(s) and get a point.
3. Anyone caught posting pix that were not taken in 2019, or trying to make one fishing trip look like multiple fishing trips, or posting pix from outside sources, or trying any other knucklehead capers :D , will be disqualified for the year.
4. FFF Admin reserves the right to delete poor-quality or off-topic pix so they do not accrue points.
5. Photos taken during other comps not permitted, except FFF Seadogs. Pro fishing guides or commercial fishos not permitted to enter.

Entries close Dec 10, 2019. The winners will be announced on here Dec 25, 2019. The Reidys lure packs must be picked up at the Reidys factory

More prizes may be added during the year if sponsors come on board.

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Re: Fotofish 2019 - kicks off March 1

Post by jeffish » Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:25 am

Typo :banghead: Rule 1 , Photos must be taken in 2018 .

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