Bait fishing

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Bait fishing

Post by ronje » Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:46 am

Put a bit of fluro spray on your floats for night time. Just the duck's guts for night floater fishing.

Being fluro colour, it needs a bit of uv light to make it fluoresce.

Use this headlamp. It projects UVA (not the dangerous one) and the floats will stand out like the proverbial parts of the dogs anatomy.

I've got a little uv torch and it can fluoresce a float at 8 metres at night. I used a chartreuse floater and a red floater (both fluro) and my little uv torch (very low powered). Lit both up with the chartreuse one brighter (human eye more receptive to chartreuse/green than red). Camera gave double images but it shows how the floats stand out.

8 metres was the limit with that little torch. 3 little AAA batteries.

This headlight will give a lot more range than that. ... gLumfD_BwE

At 8 metres the little torch needed a narrow more concentrated beam. A slightly stronger headlamp will allow greater range and wider beam.

If free swimming or bottom fishing spray a couple of inches/com on tip of rod. Wipes off easily when session finished.
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