SERVICING — ABU Ambassadeur 4500C

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SERVICING — ABU Ambassadeur 4500C

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A wise author once said: Fashion comes and goes, but a good style will stand the test of time.
ABU Ambassadeurs have worn this same face for decades. Yet each time I look at it, I never feel that it is out of style!


Here is another reel from my friend’s collection of Ambassadeurs that he passed me to service. Even though this is a relatively modern incarnation of the venerable ABU Record Ambassadeur Casting reel, it has retained most of Ambassadeur’s simple design so servicing this immediately after doing the Shimano Antares DC7 was a breeze by contrast.

The reel had only 1 second of freespool when I received the reel. After cleaning up the ball bearings, here's what I got from the spin time of the ball bearing:
This go to show that ABU once used very high grade ball bearings!

I’ll start this step by step guide with a few shots of the reel before I cracked it open...

The full step by step guide is in the link below: ... eur-4500c/

Hope that helps,


Lawrence Lee

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