Rats and Lizards

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Rats and Lizards

Post by Ando1001 » Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:45 pm

In one week, I won't be allowed to go Barra fishing anymore!!!
After moving form Darwin to Townsville at the start of the year, I am about to face my first closed season for Barra. Sure, I mostly practice catch and release anyway, and I could just say I'm targeting Jacks, but I still had to get in one last trip without worrying who sees what I pull into the boat.
My normal fishing buddy had his in-laws up, and I couldn't find anyone else keen for the 4am start (even though I all my mates say "How come you never take me fishing??""), so it was a solo trip, sort of. My mate and his in-laws would be in his boat in the same creek system, but would only be live-baiting.
Arrived at the ramp just before 6 for the 7am low. Met my mate there and he told me of his plans. He already knew exactly where I would be fishing.
First snag nothing.. Second snag nothing.. Time for a lure change, so I put on a clear and green bomber that looked kind of like the lure that had been successful the last few trips, which is no longer with me. Low and behold, second cast and I'm onto a rat of about 50cm. Best bit was, I was in shouting distance of my mate who was putting out his first baits.
Ended up with five rats for the morning and only one hook up and drop of what could have been a legal fish.
About to cut it and seen some action on a sand bar. Something smashed some bait. I tied on a squidgy and lobbed it way to far up onto the sand bar. Good line, sh..ty length. As soon as it entered the water it got snavelled, but it didn't feel like a Barra. Ended up with a 57cm flattie. There's lunch.
On the way back to the ramp, I checked on my mate, who only had a crab that he'd caught by rod, but he was planning to hang around for a while, so maybe his luck improved.
As I won't be fishing next weekend, it was a bit of a shame not to get a decent Barra today, but with a trip to Prossy Dam in a couple of weeks and plenty of "Jack" fishing over the wet season, I'm quietly confident that there will be a few boated before Feb 1 next year :naughty: .

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Re: Rats and Lizards

Post by Webby » Sun Oct 21, 2012 3:21 pm

At least you got into a few mate. we are the opposite over here in the pilbara/WA with the season just starting to fire up. you will just have to work on your lure collection and get those reels serviced before she kicks in again. good luck with the 'jacks'

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