Powertail and croc bonanza

Words hardly describe the feelings when sighting colour from a trophy powertail
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Powertail and croc bonanza

Post by Dick » Sat Apr 26, 2008 9:49 pm

Been feeling the pinch in terms of barra lately so hopes were up that with a bit of cool air around the powertails would be on the prowl (Barra are really only somewthing to do when PTs are off the bite).

Hit the lake tonight and cleaned up on the beasts big time.
Will share a couple of pics.

First shot: is Lily Creek in Lake Kununurra, no more than 500 metres off the ramp. The sunken trees and the old creek channel that winds across the lagoon are the prime spots.

Second shot: a kitten rather then a cougar but it still put up good show, strong runs and usual determined attitude.

Third shot: dog knows the power of the cougar and arcs up at this one in case it should try and head butt the boat in an attempt to get away.

Fourth shot: This one was a genuine beast. good hard runs had me redlining the 10kg to keep it out of the timber. Nearly done me a couple of times.

Fifth shot: With full night coming changed over to a popper, scored two nice fish off the surface.

Got the last fish just on the peripheral of the ramp light where it was hunting. Also scored two freshies on the popper in the same spot, the first was a tad under 2 metres, no pics of either of them as they managed to release the popper just about boat side, fought like a sack of spuds compared to the PTs
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Regards Dick

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Post by BarraBeast » Sun Apr 27, 2008 12:48 am

awsome photo's yet again Dick. :bow: I really enjoy your posts.

theya re some angry lookin PT's!
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Post by Shane Doevy » Sun Apr 27, 2008 7:51 am

Great work Dick - man that is osme good powertail action - we fished the shady fresh water billabong but only managed to snag 2 PT - and got bothered by around 100 barra!! Oh well maybe next time.

Work is what i do to pay for fishing!!

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