Lake Eildon fishing spots

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Re: Lake Eildon fishing spots

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I did alright on the Goulburn and Rubicon rivers using a fly and powerbait
I spoke to 3 blokes about a mth ago who fished the Goulburn and landed over 100 stinky trout between them.
The recent floods caused thousands of trout to escape and are now in the river – easy to catch on powerbait

Plenty of carp as well
there are millions of carp in every river in vic and most NSW rivers.
ive been travelling up the darling for several weeks and just cant get over the numbers of carp. the infestation needs to be controlled but i think its just foing to be too hard so nothing is being done
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Re: Lake Eildon fishing spots

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They were talking about releasing a carp virus but were worried the number of dead carp would be problematic. Be a bonanza if you need fast fertiliser.
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