FFF Seadogs 2020 Final Winners and Prizes

For NT, NQ and WA fishos. Winners chosen from the best six of 10 rounds, so enter until July for a chance to win. Stay tuned for the 2021 competition, starting in March.
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Re: FFF Seadogs 2020 Final Winners and Prizes

Post by Captain6979 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:13 pm

Nice Matt, maybe a few less rounds with Jewish and Mack's, cos all that will happen is people with bigger boats will go wide, bang massive jews n Mack's, and smaller boats won't have the luxury of going further out.. easier to catch 120+ Jewies and Mack's wide, than work for 1m barra.. just thinking out loud. If its 6 biggest fish, and there's Jewies and Mack's in 5 rounds, people will just smash them, and catch one good baz, n all over.

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