Middle East Iran

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Middle East Iran

Post by ronje » Mon Jul 08, 2019 7:44 pm

Things looking a bit grim there.

Trump took US out of the agreement believing Iran was intent on nuclear weapons and the deal to prevent them was a poor one.

EU is making noises with Iran's belligerence seeming to be putting EU into a corner.

I don't think that the EU, international concern or the US is what Iran needs to be worrying about.

I think that Iran's biggest worry at this point of time is Israel.

Israel will simply not stand by as Iran marches towards enrichment of uranium into weapons grade. They'll strike first (they've done it before)considering that Iran's stance is hatred of Israel and a public intent to annihilate Israel. Couple that with the Iran's ongoing destabilisation tactics and support for terrorist groups.

I reckon the Israel issue was one of the reasons Trump pulled back from a US strike in retaliation the drone.


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