Bynoe backup plan

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Bynoe backup plan

Post by Flickin4em » Fri May 03, 2019 12:01 pm

I was headed out a spot up near the tip of Indian island. With the many km of bitumen and a short freshly graded section of dirt done I was soon launched and headed out along the coast towards the mouth of the harbour. A few crab pot floats was the only other sign of anyone.
20 odd km later I was dropping off the plane and pulled up and with the motorguide deployed I headed over near a usually productive oyster ledge which is on the point of a decent sized bay. Another boat had the best bit of the ledge already so I left them to it and moved up to a different area. From over a few hundred metres off the rocks the general consensus from the other boat was that he needed at least a km radius safety buffer zone and I was intruding on ''his'' spot. The area of bay that I was in soon shallowed out (0.6m) and I silently motorguided past the other boat well wide of where they were casting and asI passed by asked if he minded if I could fish up the other end of the 200m plus ledge on the point.. We agreed to this and after a few dozen more casts, a drink and a lure change producing nothing I was wondering if I should move to a different area anyway.

The other boat had caught nothing flicking the prime spot but I noticed that the bait schools of mullet from a few weeks ago weren't anywhere to be seen. Dedicated accuracte casts were flying all the way along the shelf but the only action was up the opposite point when the other boat bought in a tiny salmon or queenie. With the temptation of exploring a new section instead of a few hours casting practice winning out I drove off the area and bid farewell to the spot and the other blokes.

Keen to give it a go over near another nearby island I headed across the channel.
Once spotlocked perfectly the vibe was snagged in the substantial amount of rocks on more than one occasion and after a few skilled tactics I was well on my way towards 100 bucks worth of recovered gear. The first few ledges also had no bait here too so i continued onwards towards the nearby drying reef finger. A decent crunch on a nice rock in the murky edge enroute with the motorguide had the eyes peeled as I slowly manoeuvred through the maze of bommies in under 800mm. A few marks were added to the LOWRANCE charts as i passed by many good looking areas.

Right out the end I saw a bit of current pushing into the reef as the tide turned to head in and I headed up there spotlocking in 3m with a 6m drop off. The best bit about this new spot was the huge schools of pelagics busting up there too. Pretty soon the samaki thumper was attacked on the drop and line was unloading off the baitcaster. It was constant action. Fish after fish. Even if the hook pulled it'd be under a second later that you'd be on again.
Occasionally the schools would move around a bit requiring a small move but once in a decent area you could just cast where they were busting but let it run a lot deeper picking them up near the bottom instead. Several times i had double headers of trevally on the vibe but each time one would escape just before landing them for a pic. I did briefly have a solid jack and trevally combo on for about 3 seconds too.

The spot was continually changing and soon gaps in the reef had decent amounts of water moving through them with a variety of different sized fish hunting the tiny bait as it was forced through the channels. My lure was still going well getting nailed on most casts and holding its line after a bit of on the fly retuning of the wire holding the rear treble. Half to 3 quaters of an hour after arriving at the area the fish had moved on so I did too.
Stoked to get a few pics and suss out a different spot a bit I did a bit more of a scan on some other sections on the way home.

A bit more exploring was soon ahead and a couple of good looking areas were photographed and noted down for another days adventure. Before the usual snagged vibe trick at each new spot. Weather was beautiful but the rising tide hitting the roots of the mangroves signalled the days fishing was pretty much over. The incoming tide water clarity was nice up the top of the island and i watched excitedly as a small goldie was also nailed on the vibe after stalking it through the bommies before I regretfully decided to head back in.
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Get out there and in amongst it :)

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Re: Bynoe backup plan

Post by theodosius » Fri May 03, 2019 6:50 pm

Great post and prime looking patch!

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Re: Bynoe backup plan

Post by pms » Fri May 03, 2019 11:40 pm

Great post

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Re: Bynoe backup plan

Post by NinjaFish » Sun May 05, 2019 8:55 am

Nice read :cheers:

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