State of Origin

Kicked off on March 1, but winners are chosen from the best six of 10 rounds, so enter until July for a chance to win. Great prizes. Open to fishos in all states with barramundi. To enter, post a pic of your boat or car adorned with a FFF sticker, available at
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Re: State of Origin

Post by ronje » Thu Mar 07, 2019 5:24 am

Bit late this year for a comp like that, Ninja.

Suggest that this year we just use Matt's comp as a "friendly". Play by your rules even.

We get similar comp fish down here with the exception of powertails. Can't compete with them.

There is interest locally about such a test though. Maybe annual combined with Matt's bragmat comp. Add an extra dimension to it maybe.

Bit of concept work to be done there. Maybe get the Rocky Regional Council to talk to Matt. Get back to you guys about it.

Have put your challenge up on the official Fishing the Fitzroy facebook page. Should appear by tomorrow.

Its got followers from all over Aus with plenty of Qld'ers who I'm sure would like to have a go.

Anyway, you guys need the publicity.


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