Painted Sweetlip in coconut oil.

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Painted Sweetlip in coconut oil.

Post by NinjaFish » Sat Jan 26, 2019 4:03 pm

So... we found a spot in the harbour where the Morwong hang out and caught more than enough for bait at 40cm+.

A slow day so I filleted a few for the freezer just to try, and being a believer in trying something before I ridicule it, paid off. :o

The missus decided she likes her fish better when cooked in coconut oil - after a few dubious experiments from myself of course! I now know that coconut oil brings out the true flavour of any fish (no crumbs yet, just straight out fillets) and the flavour is not masked by sweet olive etc.

So... I picked on a few folk for the 'who can pick what fish it is' dinner :D .

Now I reckon the secret is this... coconut oil is very thin (like water when hot) and heats to temps beyond olive oil without burning itself or the pan - be wary. The oil itself, due to temperature sears the fillets slightly golden brown if you wish - I like it that way with some fish especially when I roast big Jew fillets, and it cooks quicker than olive oil enabling some fillets to stay together a bit better.

Well... all I said was I couldn't remember what fish it was and it was the first time I'd cooked it. It got smashed, with requests to find out what type of fish is was and if it could be bought locally - I'll get back to them on that one. 8)

Anyway, the Mother-in-law missed out on that feed. :drinking28:

The jury is still out on cholesterol and coconut oil benefits but I now cook all straight fillets with it just to savour individual tastes and still use olive for my crumbed.... until I get some more Slatey Bream for a test. :cool:
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Re: Painted Sweetlip in coconut oil.

Post by theodosius » Sat Jan 26, 2019 5:32 pm

Haha, nice one. We used to eat carp...

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