Carton Billfish Challenge Dundee Beach

If you are into billfish, this is your home.
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Re: Carton Billfish Challenge Dundee Beach

Post by Out Blue » Thu May 04, 2017 2:28 pm

*Edit - have seen the thread a couple below but would be keen to hear some recent updates in terms of sailfish around Darwin area.

Can I ask a couple of questions regarding Sailfishing.

Have done a little and we've managed to raise a few, hook a couple and land one but I'm curious as to what people are looking for when chasing sails either wide of Dundee or around the trench.

Is it predominately birds working or bait and usually these go hand in hand but are there any other key indicators that you gurus are looking for? I really want to concentrate on this type of fishing, actually rigging some gars for this weekend but am still learning the craft.

Not sure whether to head towards Dundee or make the trek out to the trench as both are pretty much the same distance by boat from Darwin.

Were boats concentrating around Sail City or wide of Bowra where I've seen a few or further out? How many miles or which contour line do you guys work. Usually I troll contour lines west of Dundee and have some luck but really craving some more info which I know is somewhat sacred with fishos but if anyones keen, flick me a reply.

Are Nth/Sth gutter areas worth looking at for Sailfish?

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Re: Carton Billfish Challenge Dundee Beach

Post by rumluck » Thu May 04, 2017 7:49 pm

Sail city and witches nose are awesome starting points off dundee. Look for booby/mutton birds. Dont worry too much about the little white tern birds. Dundee is the go this time of year. I believe later in the year the billies fire off darwin gutters but im yet to find anything with any consisentcy.

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Re: Carton Billfish Challenge Dundee Beach

Post by deepblack » Fri May 12, 2017 9:59 am

This is just my opinion but I fish Dundee early in the year and then Dundee, the Gutters and the Trench during the buildup, in the end the hardest thing about Billfishing is finding the fish so go where the numbers are being reported at any given time. For me I tend to go to the Gutters when I have limited time to fish, but prefer Dundee as there is no doubt that's were the numbers are however I have seen alot of big fish in the Gutters during the build up so that's a big factor for me during that time. If I had a boat capable of regularly fishing the Trench in less than glass conditions then I would spend alot more time there in search of bigger fish rather than numbers. But again thats just my preference.
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