Zee Adelaide river.

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Zee Adelaide river.

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I went in for shopping trip Monday 4/1, river still 1/2 + m. above normal high tide 7/30 am. on my return 6 hours later, had dropped close to 1 m.

Water coming out of Last cast, Donalds and Beatrice, filthy dirty white Tea. Saw no bait activity, but birds diving in for "something".

About 10 boats stopped in today, couple of rats, some good Tarpon action, last boat got an 80 and a 60 something?.

Creeks, drains should clear up before W/end, and seeing we have had good rain up here for 2 months now, far more than Darwin, there should actually be some "little critters" in first proper run off, starting very soon unless heaps more rain happens.

That's it, no great tidings yet. King Kai.

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Re: Zee Adelaide river.

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Thanks for the update Kai
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