Territory Freshwater Fly Fishing Open

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Re: Territory Freshwater Fly Fishing Open

Post by Matt Flynn » Thu May 07, 2015 11:31 am

Anyone enter the fly comp?

Still waiting on the results, but have been told secondhand that only four barra were caught, compared with 130 last year.

Last year's biggest was a 60cm barra.

Will publish 2015 result in due course.

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Re: Territory Freshwater Fly Fishing Open

Post by BarraMick » Thu May 07, 2015 1:56 pm

Matt from memory the 130 that were caught last year were all caught by one boat who found one little run off and proceeded to rape and pillage it for the enitre comp just landing rat after rat. from memory apart from that one boat no one did any good last year as well.

was the harbour master "Glen Hubble" heard him on tales from the tinny just before the comp this year talking about last year.

but very low numbers.

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Re: Territory Freshwater Fly Fishing Open

Post by Swoffa » Thu May 07, 2015 3:47 pm

Here is a link to the compeition presentation page including day 2 results and overall results

http://www.darwinflyrodders.org.au/file ... %20XXX.pdf

Basic summary
Barra caught ...... 4 biggest was 47 by Quentin Pope
Toga caught ...... 70ish biggest was 62 by Tim Harding
Tarpon caught ...... 700ish biggest was a stonker 51cm by Bill Shappert
Others ...... 9

Champion team was won by Team Flygellation of Tony O'Malley and Jenny Hill
Runner up champion team was Team GOFF of George Vlazny and Scotty Mitchell
Difference between first and second team was ONE POINT....equal to one centimetre

Champion angler was won by Tony O'Malley
Tim harding was runner up champion angler

All teams reported really difficult fishing with lots of lillies and plenty of stringy weed under and throughout the lillies. As usual, a great time was had by all and we can set out sights on the Saltwater Comp at Bynoe Harbour in September.

Slight correction on some comments above: Glenn Hubble and Quentin Pope caught 80 of the 130 barra last year. The remaining barra were pretty evenly spread throughout the field. Glenn and Quentin caught nearly all of their fish in the first couple of hours before the bite went cold.

Cheers :drinking1:
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