New Baitcaster from Daiwa

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Re: New Baitcaster from Daiwa

Post by madmortimer »

Anyone see this in a review of the Daiwa T3?

" Line comes out of the reel too low leaving the reel susceptible to grooving when using braid "

Does not sound good for longivity? I wonder if this model is the same?

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Re: New Baitcaster from Daiwa

Post by ken_dog »

Yeah saw that M.M. Fairly certain even the later/other model T3s had this issue designed out, so shouldn't be an issue here.
Also the T3 frame is Zaion I believe as opposed to aluminium in the tatula.
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Re: New Baitcaster from Daiwa

Post by swamp_donkey89 »

As Dan 1988 said, I'm more them happy to fork out that bit extra for a good quality reel rather then still pay a few hundred dollars and be very disappointed with it( chronarch) never again will I buy. Shimano after getting a type r
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