G'Day G'day

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G'Day G'day

Post by gooseman26 »

Hello all,

I am currently in Nelson Bay NSW and will be joining you all in gods country at the end of the year. Love my fishing, never get to go out as often as I would like (blame wife/kids) and can't wait to get into the fishing up in Darwin :fishing: :fishing:

Landbased will be my style at first until we can get settled and I can get everything in order with the plan to get a boat once all the dust settles.

I have been reading this forum a bit and arming myself to the hilt with all the inof you guys provide so look forward to joining you all soon. :drinking5: :drinking5:

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Re: G'Day G'day

Post by olfart »

Welcome mate..We'll just get god to move over a bit.
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I pray that one day God sends me a fish so big that, when talking of it...I have no reason to lie.
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Re: G'Day G'day

Post by nomad »

gday and welcome.
Love the bay, i used to do a bit of diving there before the marina went in
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