How to Post Pics....Step by Step

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How to Post Pics....Step by Step

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1/ Get a cup of coffee

2/ Turn on your computer. If it is an IBM (PC) good. If it has an apple on it I cant help.

3/ Get the pictures from your camera/phone to your computer. There are several ways to do this. The easiest is if you have an SD card and can put that in your computer. Other wise your camera has a cord that came with it to connect it to the computer....make sure you turn the camera on. Phones are more can bluetooth the files if you know how to do that, or you can transfer the files using the software that came with the phone, or worst case, you can email the files to yourself.....most phones can do that now. Once the SD card/camera/phone is connected a menu will appear on your screen asking you what you would like to do with the files. Open them using explorer ()the second last option). Click on the folders that appear until you find your photos. If you cant see them go to the top right of the window and there is a drop down box that asks how you would like to display your on "Large Icons". Now you should be able to see your photos. Left click the ones that you want and drag them to your desk top. Now you can unplug your camera/SD/phone. Dont forget to put the SD card back in the will annoy you when you catch that metery and the camera has no card.....

4/ Now that the phots are on your desktop you can upload them to FFF. Right click the picture you want. Scroll down to "Open with.." hover over that and another box will open with several options. Click on "Microsoft Office Picture Manager".

5/ Now that its open we need to resize it before we can post it. Go to "Picture" in the top toolbar. Scroll down to "resize". Click on that. To the right of the picture is now a box with "Resize settings". Click "Custom width x height". the width has to be less than 600 pixels so in the left hand box type 580. the right hand box will automatically come up with a number as the programme resizes the height to match the width you just gave it. Thats good....dont change it. Now click "OK" in the "Resize Settings" area.

6/ Now you need to save the picture. Go to "File" in the top tool bar. Go to "save as". Give the file a name. Just under where you name the file is a bit that says "Save as type". Have a look in here and save the file as a JPeg. It should just save it to the desktop because that is where you opened the original photo from but check that that is the case otherwise up the top where it says "save in" click on the desktop. Click "Save".

7 Now go to the forum and open a new topic in the section that you want to make your post. After you have written the title and the body of your report you now want to post a picture. Underneath where it says "Submit" is a section that asks "if you wish to attche one or more files enter the details below" Go to "Browse". click on the desktop. find your photo. Open it. then click "add the file". Once you have added your photos (do this in the reverse order that you want them to be viewed) you just click "Submit"


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