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IO Marine

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Post Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:12 pm    Post subject: Rapid Creek and Buffalo Creek donuts

This was a dud trip, just posting it as more info for those trying landbased around the northern burbs of Darwin - about what not to do if you want to catch fish.
Huge tide on Sunday 8th, went to Rapid Creek mouth, facing out to sea, walked out on the right hand bank, right out where the river meets the sea, casting into the rapidly running water, then walked along to the right (toward Casuarina) along the beach about 100m or so, wading out knee deep & casting just over the small breakers (slightly s**ting myself as stinger season has just started), around 9:30-10am. Using fresh calamari squid tube from Woolies cut into strips, and also tried the dynabait re-hydrated bloodworms, on size 4 hook with orange bead on an 8 pound mono leader (about a metre long) with small running sinker above the swivel, 15 pound braid. (Took my Stradic 5000 to get a bit more distance on the casts).
Was hoping for whiting but there was absolutely nothing going on. Didn't even see a fish, let alone get a bite.
Gave up and went to Buffalo creek, to left of boat ramp.
Tried same baits as well as flicking some soft plastics.
This was around 10:30am-midday, with a strong outgoing tide, variable wind and absolutely roasting heat.
Again, absolutely nothing going on. Not a single bite.
Several other folks fishing off bank also not getting a bite, despite using freshly caught bait fish that they were pulling in with their nets.
Dragged my son along on this mission, after several trips to Buff creek, Nightcliff Jetty, Rapid Creek with nothing but a couple of 10cm tiddlers to speak of, I think he's going to give up on fishing soon!

Any tips on lcoations/tides/baits/rigs welcome as despite following a lot of tips on this thread we're having no luck (although I understand Sunday was a bl..dy terrible tide to be fishing)
Mainly hunting for whiting off the beach/jetty, anything edible from Buff creek area
I have caught a 55cm barra and a 38cm flathead from Fannie Bay rocks about 2 months ago, so not totally despondent but would be nice for the kids to catch something!

Also wondering, there's an absolutely huge channel forming on Rapid Creek/Cas beach mouth, to the right of the yellow bridge.
It's forming a trench about 2m deep and well over 100m long.
I'll try & upload some pics.
Wondering if it might be worth casting into on an incoming tide as it fills up?

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Post Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:20 pm    Post subject: Re: Rapid Creek and Buffalo Creek donuts

Those box jelly fish are the real deal, only ever been stung twice. Both times around the ankles. Both times less than knee deep. I'm pretty sure the bulk of stings occur in shallow water because predominately that is where they hunt their prey. If you're going to do it, best to wear tights or long pants tucked into socks.

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Post Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:30 pm    Post subject: Re: Rapid Creek and Buffalo Creek donuts

Channel looks the goods for the first incoming tide for blue salmon and queenfish, and a barra if you are lucky.

Those whiting are where you find them, you could try around Mindil Beach too.

Buffalo Creek can be good on the first push in for blue salmon on bait. Never fished for whiting there but the Kaissis brothers who owned Howard Springs Boat Hire said there were big whiting off the beach near Buff Creek, but unfortunately I think they meant mainly the beaches on the far side of Buff.

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Post Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:51 pm    Post subject: Re: Rapid Creek and Buffalo Creek donuts

Hey Andybuck
I moved into nightcliff about 6months ago and have been fishing these locations pretty hard as they are close and convenient for after work
And they can both produce fish it just a matter of timing
Happy to give you a few tips or even go for a fish with you down there
Pm me for more info buddy

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Post Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:19 pm    Post subject: Re: Rapid Creek and Buffalo Creek donuts

Fish an hour each side of the high tide at Lee Point, caught a 56cm Salmon on a metal slug last weekend its also a good spot for Queenfish and GT's. Lee Point is also another spot to try for whiting.

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Joined: Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:05 am
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Post Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:37 am    Post subject: Re: Rapid Creek and Buffalo Creek donuts

Cheers for the advice all
Jesus97 thanks for the offer for more local tips, can't seem to find a way to send PM, maybe 'cos I'm new/haven't posted enough...?
Also cheers to offer to tag along but I'm a shiftworker with kids, so it's hard enough to find time myself to go out, let alone tee up with someone else, but I'll definitely keep it in mind.
Anyway if you can PM me I'd be very grateful!

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Post Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:35 pm    Post subject: Re: Rapid Creek and Buffalo Creek donuts

Hey andybuck. I fished the spot in ya photo on tues-wensday morning for 18 skinnys and 2 giant herring
Any small metal or popper or plastic was getting smashed. Fished on incoming till run out tide. Good luck. Best lure was halco outcast 20g in silver .

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Post Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:26 pm    Post subject: Re: Rapid Creek and Buffalo Creek donuts

Rapid Creek mouth on the neaps at night..outgoing 5.8 to 2.9 or around that 2-3mrts of movement, small poppers slow bloop along edges of sand near bend at mouth. BARRA



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Bronze Member

Joined: Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:05 am
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Post Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:26 pm    Post subject: Re: Rapid Creek and Buffalo Creek donuts - Nightcliff update

Cheers for all the replies/tips, back on the forums after a break over xmas.
Have had some more luck in the meantime & have sussed out Nightcliff jetty.
Might be poor form to post this much info as it can get crowded down there but this is what I've learned & sharing's caring.

Live bait is key - get a cast net or some sabiki rigs (with small hooks, 10-14's) - nothing else works as well
Generally if there's no baitfish around, there's no big fish around.
I have had best luck when there's heaps of baitfish under the jetty, if there's none I tend to pack it in.
If you have leftover baitfish - give 'em to the kids on the jetty, or take 'em home & freeze in a ziplock bag. Obviously not as good as livies but will do in a pinch if you find yourself down there with no net/sabiki.

Fish an hour or two either side of high tide.

Check the solunar charts, some might think they're BS but I've had the best results going around full moon or new moon.

With this approach I've landed a 46cm flatty, a 65 cm mackerel, a 60cm queenie and several blue salmon. All of which were delicious!

The kids are also getting into it now which is great.

Also be very careful with cast nets & stingers at this time of year & don't go in the water at Nightcliff.
I pulled some tentacles up in my cast net at Nightcliff boatramp just before Xmas and stung my forearm, just from brushing across it.
Apart from hurting like hell, they were a bugger to get out of the net!
Thankfully I'd seen Ryan Moody's video here: http://www.ryanmoodyfishing.com/box-jel ... n-castnet/

Have seen huge swarms of 'em around there lately.

Given the PFAS warning that came out for Rapid Creek, I'll give it a miss for a while & stick to the jetty!


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