Doughnuts down the Howard

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Doughnuts down the Howard

Post by Flickin4em » Thu Apr 04, 2019 5:38 pm

So with the half arsed attempt at a storm last night I headed off down the Howard full of anticipation.

While not after a big one for a change .... today I was chasing a fish to beat the captains smallest barra on record :D I headed off to the iron bridge area.
Fishing was well below average with 0 hits and not even a follow up by a rat. The track was a bit ordinary as I was the first car into the area for the year but L4 difflock ate it up no worries with the muddies aired down to 20psi. :mrgreen:

I arrived at my spot
and a splash from the other side had me a bit wary .. "goanna" I told myself unconvinced and began casting around the usual feeder creeks and eddies. About 1km of the river was covered and every snag was peppered with multiple casts. I know from previous trips here that if there's a fish there it will at least have a go at the lures I was using. But nothing was interested in my offers today. It seems like it needs a huge flush and the river was still running with badly tannin stained water from other spots above here.

Barring a late effort huge cat 4 cyclone the spot is pretty much done for the year and a far cry from the mid 80s and bulk 60-70s I was getting last year on most trips up this way.

Definitely it was not worth the 40km of fuel today and hour of my life to rinse some of the hectic amounts of blacksoil out of the lux. :banghead:

Once I'd finished my can of jacks I headed back out slightly over it all ........ but not before airing back up then swinging a few 2nd gear hoops on the flat in 2WD 8)
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Get out there and in amongst it :)

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Re: Doughnuts down the Howard

Post by Captain6979 » Fri Apr 05, 2019 8:02 am

Unlucky dude. Guess i still got that smallest barra record, ha haa!! :)

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Re: Doughnuts down the Howard

Post by NinjaFish » Sat Apr 06, 2019 1:46 pm

3 rats yesterday and 2 dropped this morning with the bit of fresh running through.
Green looking fish!

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