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Jedi Seadog
Jedi Seadog
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Joined: Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:16 pm
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Post Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:28 am    Post subject: Good vibes doing the damage down at snag central


After the initial trip for the month yielded a few for my mates son :bow: (well done BTW Ben.)and only rats for both the veterans :rofl: then the last trip out this way with a few livies only producing powertail after powertail :bonk: amongst the snags :cry: and bustoffs :evil: a few days ago. I decided to give it yet another run well below the area I'd previously explored. This trip i was fishing the snag filled sections with the vibes to cover plenty of ground quickly as I made my way through the area. :mrgreen: As soon as the dust had settled I began rigging the baitcaster not even bothering with the spin gear after the previous efforts. My leader knots were already tied and ready and I fed the 45lb schnider through the eyelets of the GL2 Loomis and tied on a samaki in record time then headed to the river in search of a new spot to flick. Even despite the cold weather they still have to eat but getting an accurate as possible cast with a decent looking and strong lure they might actually want, right into the risky as spot is my key to regular success out here.... to a point, amongst other things to varied to mention in one post too.....ha. :wink:

A short hike down the river through a tangle of bamboo and over a huge dead tree or 10 had me in position on the edge of the bank casting into the current. The gentle breeze and shade added to the appeal of the area as well as the possibility of a nice barra along the adjacent bank with the current forming a nice eddy past the branches of the snags lining the area after the rockbars dropoff. The GOPRO was aimed up and cast number one of the day was sent out into the steeply banked shoreline dropping off the rockbar. It was slammed immediately by a solid barramundi as it passed over the shelf.

The fish peeled out of there at a decent pace before jumping once then pulling the hooks as it rounded a huge stump at the end of the pool. :banghead: A short mission ensued with me balancing precariously carefully extracting the lure from the midstream timber with the prodder before returning to the spot I'd just fished triumphant with my recovered lure in hand. ... Cast again, immediate action followed with me just getting the reel into gear and one turn of the handle before. ......... BANG!! ....straight onto another one .. NO :bs: drag was stripped down the river again and I easily tamed this one it measured in around the mid 50s pics followed then a quick release sending it back in there to grow up a bit.


Couple more casts and I'd hooked up yet again and was wondering if I had a spare one of this colour with me as it was already doing the damage today. I landed my fish with it going ballistic in the leaves and sticks along the bankside as I placed it onto the bragmat and yep sure enough I'd upgraded to a low 60 cm model.

A few more nice fish followed up the lure but wouldn't have a go at it after seeing their mates reactions. So a short move of only 50m to an unfished area and I was soon casting into another prime looking spot. As the vibe dropped off the shallows it immediately found a massive log and I was soon headed up to retrieve it from the timber again. . ( you get used to this, as well as dealing with the fouling up issues after using them for a while but you will put up with it 'cos they slay it regularly ) I was soon back in position and armed with this new valuable info sent out a more educated cast into the same spot.

It was smashed just as it came past the log and I only just held the fish in the pool that I was in with a bit of extra thumb pressure. It powered off towards the nearby stumps but I was able to recover my line and steer the fish around the timber using a few tricky angles and a rapidly hurried relocation of fishing spot. A long leader was another advantage up my sleeve and I was soon able to grab a wrap of it and skid the fish ashore after only a few seconds of brutal battle the hooks in the jaw hinge held solid and I was soon photographing another upgrade for the seadogs comp unfortunately a tiny twig ruined my self timed pic off the Samsung and the fish was returned to the river before I'd reviewed its pic.

This ended up being the best one of the day. I headed off downriver a few km and over the course of the next couple of hours many, many more barra (easily 15 plus legal fish and a fair few rats too I reckon.) of varying sizes between 40 to 65cm followed as well as the odd decent sized sooty grunter. Eventually as the day wore on and the kilometers ticked by with "next bend syndrome" running rife and my couple of cold beverages from the backpack a long distant memory...... grudgingly the call was made to head back . . . plus I'd just landed 2 massive bl..dy Catt!es and left the pliers about 200m back up at the "last spot " in the backpack thinking that " I'll only walk to the next eddy" and had to wrestle the 70- 80cm pr..ks by hand after landing them both in consecutive casts and unhooking a vibe each time without getting impaled on the spines whilst i was miles away from for the ute i was a bit over it after that bit . . .. .. ha, ha, hilarious stuff I know. :banghead:

I stopped by at the spa I'd discovered on the way down for a quick refreshing dip on the way back through the area right after a couple of sooties landed from the rapids below it. And in case you were wondering of bl..dy course it was freezing cold too and 30 seconds later I was hopping back out.

I then re-rigged with a trusty 6 inch fluorescent orange nilsie for a while. On the way back past it caught a few undersized ones from the area I'd got the first few fish from after the vibe had been through there multiple times again as well as another solid almost 40cm sooty on the samaki thumper just before I changed it out. :mrgreen:

I packed up the ute and pulled out the camp chair and made up a sweet chilli chicken wrap on the tray with the roast chook, salad and cheese from in the esky :chef1: and it was devoured along with the last of the turkey cans whilst sitting under the nearby black wattle reviewing the days GOPRO footage and listening to a few tunes. I then left for home well before sunset for a change. :cool: As usual I arrived no worries rinsed off the bulldust with the hose and a bucket of truckwash before parking it up for another day of adventure later on ...

As a random observation about somd of the Barramundi on this trip :

A few casts were sent into some of the better looking areas on the return lap but nowhere near the same amount of hits were taken even in areas where the resident fish hadn't been hooked and had just followed up the lure on the first run through there Initially i was usinv the same vibe but soon changed to a ol faithful Nilsmater 6 inch invincible to change it up a bit. However despite running a completely different lure to the first lap in general they just weren't interested on the way back. :?

Even out in this spot they learn quickly... the first few casts need to be accurate and the lure needs to perform well during these or they won't hit it. Casts 1m out from snags were going untouched whereas ones chipping bark off the snaggy areas and dropping into gaps where the timber was stacked up were getting good solid fish regularly.

Good luck fellas, I'd advise bringing an extendable spiral prodder in your arsenal too. Just to keep the expense of losing your vibes down a bit if headed out for a crack at it one day soon.


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Jedi Seadog
Jedi Seadog

Joined: Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:13 am
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Post Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:29 am    Post subject: Re: Good vibes doing the damage down at snag central

Great post mate and reward for the effort put in

The past is history,the future is mystery,the moment is a gift and that's why it's called the present

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Jedi Seadog
Jedi Seadog
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Joined: Mon May 18, 2009 11:46 pm
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Post Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:48 am    Post subject: Re: Good vibes doing the damage down at snag central

Great looking spot, even looks a little less dangerous than your usual haunts! Top write up as usual!

Site Administrator
Site Administrator
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Post Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:21 pm    Post subject: Re: Good vibes doing the damage down at snag central

Top looking spot, real Territory fishing. And good to hear Schneider still has a following for barra leaders :D

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Post Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:00 am    Post subject: Re: Good vibes doing the damage down at snag central

Great looking spot mate, could go just for the sight seeing. Ahh the serenity.

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Joined: Tue Sep 27, 2016 11:08 am
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Post Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:54 pm    Post subject: Re: Good vibes doing the damage down at snag central

Thanks for sharing, enjoyable read and great pics to show your efforts

Everydays a good day when your fishing


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