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South Pacific island holidays

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Post Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:58 am    Post subject: 1st sooty for the season. GOPRO clip aswell.

I think i did actually catch a couple earlier on but this is the first of the ones from out on the quad fishing adventures and definitely the first one I have got footage of for the season.

I set my thongs along with the backpack down in a nearby anicient paperbark tree i was barefoot again as it had been too deep to wear them in case i needed to sprint out of there. For obvious reasons i was on high alert as the river was running about 250 -400mm over the entire corner creating a few perfect areas for the local croc to lurk undetected. It's nearly 4m too so a few quick casts was all i was willing to give it today as i had that feeling you get when youre gonna get chomped. :croc:

I unhooked the vibe from the eyelet frame of the spin rod and sent out a perfect cast up behind the pandanus clump on the opposite edge right under the overhanging leaves... It splashed down and began its decent into the inky depths. Barely getting the ci4 stradic into gear the lure had been smashed 'on the drop' and the 10lb st croix was at its limit immediately in the ripping current as a few nice bursts of 30lb braid under heavy drag unloaded off down the river... :o


I said aloud with nobody around for miles to laugh at my predicament or offer any semi helpful advice as i battled a respectable sooty into the eddy below the pool and hauled him up over a snag into the shallows. ... Got lucky there :D I dont think I would've gotten my lure back on a legal barra as the current was really pumping through the corner today. The vibe unhooked from it as i swung it up onto the back. Saving me from even having to get the pliers out. I casually pressed pause on the GOPRO and let out a yell...

Yeeeewwwww. !!!!!!!

Kookaburras laughter could be heard from a few hundred metres away as the only reply ... gotta love quad fishing. 8)

Clip for a link below.

also the same applies as my barra clip last time you'll need to turn the settings up to 720 for a clearer image. You'll have to excuse the drop of water on the lens I'll have to be into that in future...

I have actually got plenty of good footage from the last couple of years of slayin' it on my adventures up here and accross some of Arnhemland too. Will upload a bit more on here as soon as I can get the time. Would love to get a video editing program one day too :mrgreen:

Barramundi fishing : the freshwater rivers


Enjoy fellas . :drinking8:

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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Jedi Seadog
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Post Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:54 pm    Post subject: Re: 1st sooty for the season. GOPRO clip aswell.

Nice one! Bigger balls than me fishing there!!

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