Lee point East point Saturday

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Lee point East point Saturday

Post by JAH » Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:11 pm

Arrived at Buff ramp about 8.30 and launched with no problems with heaps of water and not much current which helps when u are on a solo trip.Hit the plan and headed to the mouth while I smashed the breakfast of champions,meat pie and tool box temperature VB (the ice had only went on the beers at the servo and I grabbed one sitting on top).
Got to the mouth with glass out conditions and was quickly off Lee point throwing out some lures for a troll while looking for signs of birds and Tuna bust ups.There were another 5 or 6 boats out ther buzzing around looking for Tuna as well.Seen the odd Tuna launch out the water here and there but no real good bust ups.The sounder was showing large bait schools Mid water everywhere and in the glass conditions in spots u could see them flicking around on the surface.The fish had to be around so I kept perserving.
After a couple off hours without a hit and a couple of flicks at very small Tuna schools which disappeared before I got close.Just had to have a cast out of pure frustration.I left Lee point with bait everywhere and headed to east point.I went straight out a couple of Ks then turned for east point.I thought I would look for some Tuna schools further out on the way but the further I went the dirtier the water got.The tide had been going out now for about 3 hours so I didnt like my chances.Didnt even see any birds or bait on the sounder so headed in closer to east point.The closer I got the cleaner the water was.When I got close I threw out the lures and started a troll run.Once I got in near the point bait schools started showing up on the sounder and they were so huge and thick the sounder screen blacked out completely a couple of times.Then my little Barra rod with the chronarch bent over and line screamed off.Yeh Ahh about time I thought.Clicked the boat out of gear grab the rod which was losing line at a rapid rate which I haven't got a lot of on the chronarch but luckily it headed away from the other line in the water so I ran up the front to the casting deck and it played the game and I was able to fight it from the front of the boat.10 mins later I had a nice GT about 10 kilo sitting on the deck.After a few fist pumps and a lot Yeh ahhing I released it to fight another day.I got my breath back and threw the lures back out.Over the next hour I got a couple barracuda and very small Mack.Had one other decent hit which pulled heaps of line then as I grabbed it Bang lost the lot.Looking over the rod I seen the rung third from the top was broken spewing.Pulled the plies out and cut the rung off problem fixed.I was just about to start trolling again when I seen something splashing around on the surface it was a huge barracuda with a bit gold bling hanging out of its gob.It ended up throwing the lure and I went over and scooped it up u Beauty,I didn't want to bring that thing in the boat and wrestle the lure back(I hate barracuda)Started trolling again and the birds turned up and the odd Tuna was leaping out of the water.This is starting to look good but after about 15mins the the bait started thinning out and the water slowly got dirty so I headed back to Lee point for the tide change.When I arrived I found the birds and bait right in close to the reef of the point in about 15 -20 feet.I picked up a couple off small macks but nothing to get excited about.I went in really close to the reef in about 10 feet and picked up a really good cod which gave me a good run for my money in around the shallow water and reef.Got him to the boat and in the esky he went.Something for dinner a least (Cod are way underrated in my opinion). I kept trolling and picked up another small cod which was let go.Then a good hit and a good fight and up to the surface came a crackin Trout.Dinner has just been upgraded.Shortly later another huge hit and short battle until I was smoke on the reef.I was winding the other rod in and going to head out further as the tide had turned about hour ago and the water was cleaning up.When I seen a huge cod below the boat with a big gold lure attached.I grabbed the net lunged it the water but it took off to quick.Oh well I got it back once then caught 4 or 5 fish with it so it had a good send off.
I headed out off Lee point for a Tuna or Macky.The bait was there again but the same as this morning not a touch.Headed back to the ramp and was home by 4.30 with a feed and had a a couple of good battles.With glass out conditions nearly all day.
Ate the Trout tonite.Done on the Barbie whole wrapped in foil with with onions lemon and a garlic butter.

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Re: Lee point East point Saturday

Post by Jeno » Thu Jun 27, 2019 9:33 am

Sounds like a good day mate....every day on the water is adding to your knowledge base!
No matter where you go, there you are!

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Re: Lee point East point Saturday

Post by jeffish » Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:06 pm

8) Nice Work

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