Drafter and builder wanted

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Drafter and builder wanted

Post by cjgp » Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:23 pm

hi troops

I am looking for someone who can draft up a room plan for under house and draft up a plan for a garden shed (about 12 m x 4 m with a covered area of 12 m x 3 m) and if they know an engineer even better..

I believe I wont need an owner builder permit for the shed as it is not attached to the house so I can do that BUT

I am recently divorced. while in the house we were in together, I had an owner builders lic. now I have a new house I cannot get another ob for 6 yrs... anyone know a builder who will for a fee let me build the room under the house and stamp it for the building certifier?

I used to know one fellow, but I have lost contact with him

any advice appreciated


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