MDF rules

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MDF rules

Post by wonderwobler » Wed Sep 23, 2020 10:39 am

Chatting with a mate about the Million Dollar Fish comp the point arose if the comp is catch and release.
I made an enquiry with the MDF people about catch and release of a red tagged fish. My question was;

I need to know if an MDF tagged Barra must be killed to claim the prize.
I believe it is possible to provide all the required photos and information regarding the fish capture to satisfy a successful claim without killing the fish.

The response was;
Thanks for your email.

There is no difference from a verification view if the fish is kept or released as long as all the required information/photos have been collected. However, if the fish is released again it may be recaptured and therefore to ensure the integrity of Million Dollar Fish we remove the fish from the competition.

Seems the MDF is a catch and release optional comp, wonder if anyone would be game enough to try.

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