First run in 8 months

Thanks to some help from an awesome FFF member I got my boat serviced and learnt how to do it myself next time…. 550 dollars wow what a rip off hahahah Anyway after being parked in a shed for 8 months was still kinda nervous about taking the old girl out but she turned over first turn of the key and away I went for a bit of a fish around the harbour.
Fishing was never really high on the agenda but caught alot of fish during the afternoon.. None worth writing home about though… Lost a few decent fish and had fun with a new lure I bought back from NSW catching a skinny and Black bream on it.. Cant wait to beef up the hooks and give it a swim around some Barra… Have a few pics of that and some other stuff I have been up to since coming back.

photo bombs away hahaha

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