landbased feedofish

With the boat out of action not been fishing in ages and was very keen for a feed of fish, so checked the tides and saw it was perfect for a bit of snapper action. Caught a small fish that just would not swim off, not sure why hook came out easy??? So I ended up chucking him in the esky cant win them all worse luck….. Then I landed a 45cm model which I never considered releasing…. In between I landed a heap of big Tusk fish they all were released Id rather eat catfish hahahah So mission accomplished in an hour and a half and back home for a beer…… Ate them tonight bloody lovely…..

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Club clipsal fishing trip

Had a hard day at work on Wednesday taking some club members fishing for the day on arafura blue water charters. Had a great day on the water the rums were cold and plentiful, well till around 3 when all the soldiers were laid to reast. hahahah wow i was drunk……  Back to the fishing had decent action all day the boss laid down the bet that if anyone caught a jewie over a meter he would buy them a carton, not 5 minutes later i was laying one on the deck yeeeee haaaaa

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Fun over the weekend

Did very litle over the weekend but had lots of fun doing it.

Went fishing with freaky deaky and his lovely wife on Saturday night. Shark fishing south african style, got alot of strange looks when we pulled out the massive surf rods. Caught a couple of small sharks I lost a good one when it bit through my 100 lb wire trace. We also lost a massive fish we fought for about 30 minutes me for about 10 minutes before my soft desk job back called it quites and Ray for about 20 minutes before the big one got us around some bloody trees. Lots of fun and something Im really keen to try again….

Sunday had fun swimming with Lily-Rose  she is taking to the pool well like a duck to water   hahahaha

Had fun playing with my new toy a spit roast, went well for my first run

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fishing pics test

just a test 

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Hello world!

Welcome to FISH FINDER TM FFF Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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First run in 8 months

Thanks to some help from an awesome FFF member I got my boat serviced and learnt how to do it myself next time…. 550 dollars wow what a rip off hahahah Anyway after being parked in a shed for 8 months was still kinda nervous about taking the old girl out but she turned over first turn of the key and away I went for a bit of a fish around the harbour.
Fishing was never really high on the agenda but caught alot of fish during the afternoon.. None worth writing home about though… Lost a few decent fish and had fun with a new lure I bought back from NSW catching a skinny and Black bream on it.. Cant wait to beef up the hooks and give it a swim around some Barra… Have a few pics of that and some other stuff I have been up to since coming back.

photo bombs away hahaha

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Last NSW report

Well this will be my last report from down south as I will be back in Darwin by the end of April….
One last chance to land a monster green fish… I hooked one a genuine 20kg+ fish but the 30lb braid was not good enough to pull him up before he got in a huge big weed bed and busted me off like a rank amateur… Big fish, small water = really hard work.. We did land 5 cod the smallest being 4 kilos didnt weigh the rest as we didnt want to damage any fish as we let them all go to be caught again some other time….. Landed a nice yellow belly and lost an even better one on some Rapala clacknraps. Cant wait to give them a swim in Darwin fish just seem to love them!!!!

Next report will hopefully be about Barra or Snapper or Jewies or ………………
appeasing the fish gods!!

1 of many carp caught on lures 5 kilos worth

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Well went out to a new spot today in search of a hidden secret… Worse luck the rain didnt stop all day but in the few hours we were there we landed 2 cod 1 silver pearch and of course some sight fished carp all on lures… It might be the honey hole I have been looking for as it looks like noone fishes here at all as its hard work to get to and would be overlooked as not worth the trouble…. I have learnt the hard way down here and I will not be telling a sole where the Cod are!! Before I left for Darwin about 6 years ago I told some people about my spots that were free of people and full of fish, you go there now and there is rubbish everywhere along with the stupid humans who cause it!!

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photo update from down south

Been doing alot of fishing in and around the floods down here but not many pics as I have been getting the action on video, Mainly sight fishing carp with lures, which is very addictive I love it. I find that natives on lures becomes very boring.. Having said that im still chasing a big cod on a spinner bait, lost a couple of stonkers but thats fishing!!!!!!
Some fish from lake macquarie near newcastle

Carp on lure

Mum with a carp… She sure can rock a wig!!

After the floods and a small cod on a stump jumper

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More NSW fishing

Well its been a few weeks since my last outing and we were out this time to try and get some fish on lures.
In the last couple of weeks the river has dropped about a meter, Things are looking pretty bleak water wise in NSW.
Oh well less water for the fish to hide in. We ended up getting 3 cod on lures also 4 carp witch is kinda out of the
ordinary but lots of fun when you are sight fishing them…. I even sight fished a nice little cod…. Lots of fun
On the worms we landed a very nice silver perch just over a kilo a nice catfish and a yellow belly…

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