Hi, Jesus here

Thought this would be the place to announce my Second Coming, help get these new blogs up and going.

The Old Man has sent me back down to earth to unite mankind and foster redemption before the approaching apocalypse.

I managed to talk him into allowing me a fishing tour before I get down to the serious work.

I’ve got dorado, steelhead, and barramundi on the bucket list. Sort of a new Holy Trinity. Not a big list but time is limited, obviously.

Would be good to catch up with some of you while I am kicking around the Top End and before everything gets serious. Just look for the halo.

I could use a few tips, being immortal in Heaven doesn’t make me handy at Shady Camp. And yes, I bought a copy of the new “bible”, haha.

This might all seem a bit odd but fishing in Heaven isn’t much fun, it’s always a fish a cast, it gets tedious.

The Old Man was surprised fishing became such a hit in the mortal world, he thought the tackle he gave man would keep him fully occupied.

I’ll post again as the tour unfolds.

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