Two big rivers in three days

Following the success of last week JD and I headed back doen to the Daly to see if we could repeat our successes from last week. Got there mid day ish on Sunday to find plenty of cars in the park at the public ramp but where was all the water 😯 The water had dropped a mile since last week – spoke with a few blokes at the ramp and most had done it tough and had travelled a long way to find fish. Spoke with the bandit after we launched and he too had done it pretty tough but was fairly happy with one if his deckies landing a metrey at the S bends on the way back.

Tripped down what was now a much changed river – what a difference a week makes at this time of year. First stop at the s bends to try to repeat CBs good luck story but found fish boofing under the trees and free jumping on that side so we worked the banks with small squidgies for no luck. Spoke with a guide mate of mine and told him that we had seen a boat tied at No Fish and that it appeared they had walked up the creek – headed further down and had a quick chat with Richie Boy who gave us the good oil before we kept on moving. Fished a few run offs ont he way downa dn landed a 60ish silver barra for the box. As we got to Crpoc creek the first storm walloped us which gave me a great chance to road test my new cover. With the storms around we got plenty of practice and we soon got pretty slick at putting it up and down.

Fished the top junction at Clear for a few dark fish and then headed further down river to do some exploring as i had never ventured any further than Clear. Almost made Long ways (unbeknown to me ) before a bit of a storm and the onset of darkness had us anchoring up for the night – the moossies were ferocious just on dark but the cover once again proved its worth and kept them out. Had a few drinks and then settled for the night in what was pretty comfortable compared to trying to sleep in the mossie dome as the cover gives me most of the floor space to sit and spread swags out – will post up some pics once a few mods are complete.

Next morning moved about 500 metres and arrived at Longways :bonk: Fellow FFF boat in loc sorry mate forgot your name but they told su they had got some fish at about 3/4 of the push. Moved down to have a look at the river around the island and found one boat who had launched at Dundee, fished Red cliffs and was working up the river – not a bad effort. We found a creek pumping a bit of colour and landed 3 nice silver barra before we started our trek back up the river. Stopped at one creek on the left hand side as you head up river which was pumping dirty grey water but there were threadies belting bait evrywhere against the bank – only problem was they would only take really small lures – did manage plenty of hits but only landed one on a blue fly :mrgreen:

Fished the top junction of clear again and found more swampies before things went quiet – sat at Croc for a while but it was dead as so we went upstream to some run offs and found a few barra working the small run offs – ended up around alligoator head and had some fun with some nice fish in the fast flowing run off. from there pretty much every run off had someoone sitting on it – saw a fish hooked at Elizabeth but not landed. Made the call and headed for the ramp as we decided to call it a day and have a look at Shady. On the trip home we range my guide mate who told us that he and his clients had walked up No Fish and had landed heaps of fish to 90 cm so he was grateful for the tip – DOH – why didnt we give it a crack?? Trip home was good and soon had the gear cleaned and boat reset for an early start for Shady.

Up at 0400 and wandered slowly out to Shady – on arrival discovered one of the oil filled hubs had thrown off and the hub and bearings were cactus – 👿 👿 Slipped the tyre off and dropped in to the creek at a mouch lower level than i was really happy with – somehting needs to be done out there – not sure what the answer is but with so much traffic it really needs some form of launch facility where you dont need to back into the river so far. Good run down the river and started flicking at the snags on the right – JD snagged a good barra second cast which i thought was a good omen and an improvement on things to date. There were a few fish working the hsallows but they werenet interested in anything we threw at them. Slipped down to have a look at swim and there was water pumping and a fiar bit of bait about at the top of the tide but no fish.
Went back and beagn a troll and snagged a nice thready pretty quick – 90 odd cm – beaut fish – i was stoked. That was it for the rest fo the day pretty much – saw JonR out there – did a quick look at the reefs and then joined the procession trolling – had a few hits and a couple of barra hooked alongside my boat which nearly lanuched themselves into the boat – back to the ramp to fix the bearings while JD flicked at the barrage.

Didnt turn out too big an issue to replace the bearings with the spares and get the trailer back on 4 tyres. Pulled out and had a quick look at the fresh water side – one bloke had come upt he channel and pulled out from that side but he said it was bloody low. The lillies havent been killed off as much as i would have hoped so the water hadnt been high enough to kill them off but the water up the top is still pretty high – heaps and heaps of tarpon working the top side so a big high and a flsuh of rain might wash some good bait over the barrage.

Pulled out and made our way home – found a motor bracket for a tinny so if anyone lost one out there i have it here – blew a tyre at Humpty Doo which gave me the absolute toms tits and left me with a bitter taste and wishing i had stayed at home. Still thats fishing and hopefully now i have had my bad luck for a while. The water levels have dropped at both Shady and the Daly so not sure how well they will fish in the future. From a personal preference i reckon i will wait for neaps before i fish the Daly again as the high flows are hard to work out where to fish.

Will post some photos later.

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