Tough Cuppla Months

Things have been very busy at work and havent really had time to scratch myself – have done a few quick day trips here and there but javent had any real success for a while.
Headed off early one saturday a few weeks ago with the intent of having a look at Bynoe – tinny boys were calling if for a very windy day so we went down and put in at six pack creek and headed out into the harbour till the winds picked up – got a few small goldies and stuff and then headed back and had a look at the finnis fresh but it was dead as. Nice place to go for a drive though.
Next spot was a day trip out to shady fresh – tried everything we knew but didnt turn a scale – got a few rats off the barrage but that was it – very tough.
Two weekends ago we I did a trip out to Cooroboree with a mate from work and only manage one small rat despite driving all over the lagoon and trying all different tactics – only thing that was getting any sort of attention was the scum frogs cast right back into the lillies.
Last weekend dropped intot he harbour staurday afternoon to fish the bottom of the low and see if there were any tuna around but it seems that my mojo has gone way west and only managed a couple of little red fish out the front of madorah.
All in all some tough times but may have to go a bit further afield to chase some fish shortly – if nothing else may get to see some new countryside.
Seems a fair bit of tme is being spent on the forum on normal dry season posts about why people arent posting – ahhhhhh some things never change year after year.


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