Quiet day at SWA

With neap tides ont he menu Jordan and I slipped out and flogged Wiltshire No 1 to foam for bugger all return.

Road had been chopped up a fair bit from Wednesday and there were heaps of cars at the ramp when we got there just on sun up – went to Wiltshire No 1 and worked it over right up to the top for a few small goldies and one small barra – crabs didnt play either.  Had one of my nets checked by some thoughtful share farmer – the cable ties I put on didnt deter them – fair dinkum one day ill come round the corner and find someone on my nets and Ill drive them to the bottom of the river – too f$%%&n lazy to check there own gear only – eaiser to work other people nets.

Got up this morning and started giving the barraholic a clean up post the trip to 4 mile and discovered a spring hanger had broken off so we were lucky to get home without major problems.  Have both guards off and will change the springs over to multi leaf and give the crap manual brakes the flick for a hydraulic brake set up.

See how much we gte done this week but might be still working on it next weekend I reckon.


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