Quick Trip to the Finnins

Despite the reports of 20 knots i went for a look at the Finnins yesterday – tri[ over was al sweet after a bumpy ride n – road is quite corrugated and one wanker guide decided it was a good idea to fly past me as we got onto the dirt at a hunderedkms and hour – showering us with dirt and completely blinding us – was going to give him a serve at the ramp but he had some women there and it wouldnt have been the done thing – fair dinkum some people.
Tried right through the river but the water temp were down and thngs were tough – JD and i snagged one fish each and i lost a couple – JD s went 65 so we got a feed for our trouble. Fish were on one corner where we had found them before.
Spoke with Geoff and back cast at the mouth – seem the govt has gven the netters permission to bring their mother ship into the Finnis with nets – and now these blokes are ducking out for net shots – the police are over there supposdely keeping an eye on them ut from all accounts the netters know when there comiing before they get there anyway!!! 👿 👿 👿 get serious.

Anyway better than sitting at home.


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