Long week fishing

Well after a pretty hectic few months at work it was good to finally get some time off and spend a bit of time fishing.
First trip was out to the Tiwis and apart from a rough trip over which convinced me i need a bigger boat to do stuff like that it was pretty good. I reckon that i would consider shipping fuel over next time if i do go over agian as carrying it was a pain in the :moon: :moon: .
Next trip was run in the harbour in the newly finished – well not completley finshed tinny which i bought of Alfie. The 4.5 metre brooker looks a bit different and cuts along nicely with the 30hp two banger on the back. We did a quick run out to lizzy river to see how the setp worked and it proved to be all good so next day we did a run to Cooroboree and ended up with 2 or 3 barra at my favourite spot not far from the ramp and planty of saratoga casting rubbers into the lillies – still a nice way to spend a half day.
Next run was out to Finnis fresh and hooked a couple of sooties and stuff but there were no where near the fish we caught last time i was out there – they may have come on the bite later int he day but i got sick of the sun and gave it away.
Last run for the week we dropped some crab puts up the top of lizzy river and next morning went out and had a look at them – found some great looking areas that ireckon might fire right up come the rains and the run off – good snags, great looking banks ect – im sure those snags hold fish at some time – now if only i can work out WHEN. We made the harbour a safer place by pullling crabzilla out of the back of one of the drains we pushed right up – the little tinny is ideal for that type of thing and exactly what we set her up for. the crab was amonster and full of meat. Spent the rest of the day poking around floating baits etc for nothing but it was better than being at home.
Dont have any photos right now cos im away for work but will try to post some inthe future.


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