Chads on neaps

Slipped out to Chads creek this morning chasing a few mud crabs – road was super awesome – best I have seen it in some time – sat on 80 to 100 kmh most of the way.

Tide was pushing by the time i go there – didnt expect miracles with smallish tides but wanted to get a crab for dinner.  Straight over to chads and dropped the lift nets in and then went back to the mouth to have a flick at the trres there, have seen a coupla barra come from here before – had a few flicks and was about to go when my 65mm drop bear got nailed by a nice silver barra – chaos ensued as i hadnt set the net up, it was under the tackle box – all the things that could go wrong did but the fish played the game and soon a nice 59cm barra was in ice box for dinner.

Snagged 8 nice crabs which was surprising given the small tides – vey happy – and home by lunch time – I could get used to this days off thing – pity I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Only saw one other car at the ramp and i think they headed for the wiltshires – could be worth a look as the water was crystal clear so if they are there and on the snags i reckon they will wack a lure – might be an option for the weekend.

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