Blue water and barra

Things have been bl%$^*(y busy at work so I havent been doing anywhere as much fishing as I would have liked – still cant help bad luck can ya??

Last Friday I got the word that saturday was going to be a pretty flat day so we made the call and headed out to Dundee for a bit of blue water action. The last ten kms of dirt were bloody awful a best and shook the shizen out of the trailer but all held together and we lobbed at the ramp and rigged up and were first in and off.
With a pretty calm sea I headed across to Blaze and dropped on a bit of reef but didnt turn a scale – amy have had something to do with the bloody netters floating a bit drift net out there 👿 👿 👿 WTF – anyway with good weather we made the decison and tripped out wide of Blaze and on towards Sail. Picked up a mack tuna on my barra rod courtesy of my new sunnies as i saw them after JD missed with his first cast and I lobbed a lure right in front of them – beauty free bait. First few drops returned bugger all until we finally lobbed on some good looking bottom and the fish started to come over the side pretty damn quick – some nice nannygai and plenty of trickies amongst them.

The sharks were chasing our fish to the boat and I was a bit worried that we might loose some to them. JD snagged one small red and then got nailed by something pretty big – half way up he got hammered and the line peeled but evetually went slack – reeling in revealed a bloody good red which had been bitten in half – sad but fact of life out there.

Headed to a new spot as things went quiet and snagged plenty of good trickies and had a few real good runs from mackies picking up stripies but none stayed connected – wish i had taken some sandmar. Worked our way back towards the ramp and had a couple drops on the way in closer to Long Lost and Blaze but things were pretty dead, so we headed in cleaned up. Dropped in on a mate of mine from SA who has been coMing to Dundee for many years and he commented that things were tougher than he had ever experienced both from a crab and fish perspective. They also commented on the crowds at Dundee as opposed to previous years.
Granted a rare holiday for the Monday public holiday the call was made to head out to 4 mile and see what all the goss was about – up at 0430 and on the road by 5 we lobbed out there at 0730 to find a few camp sites (plenty very close to the bank :croc: ) and probably about 6 to 8 boats. Was overtaken just before the turn off to 4 mile – only to have old mate miss the turn off so we ended up in front of them :rofl: :rofl: . Anyhow the road was OK – not great but OK – the first couple creeks ahd a little water in but hard bottom and nothing to worry about.
Dropped the boat in and started looking around – got our first barra within 2 minutes of launching – typical 4 mile fish – small but feisty. With the wind blowing straight along the billabong and a long line of trollers working the shallow bank on the left as we headed up the lagoon we went straight to a bank that had produced before and it yeilded good resulst immediately – small fish were everywhere amongst the lillies. Small 65mm rainbow trout squidgies were the bomb and cleaned up. next few hours we worked bank and snags and here and there casting – lot so fish – all small ones.
We made a call later on in the day to do some trolling – I loaded up with a green and gold reidys 3m diver and the other boys tied on 2.5 metre lures. It wasnt long before it became obvious that I had the bomb lure so we searched high and low and found another the same. JD was getting frustrated so after my mate Craig tied on the second 3 metre reidys, i took JDs rod as he had a classic on and handed JD my rod with the 3 metre reidys. Well ithad to happen – half way along the run my lure (on JDs rod) got nailed – as i started to reel in Craig hooked up as well – reckon there was steam coming out of JDs ear but we told him it was bound to happen – he hooked up a nice fish a little while later which seemed to calm him down.

All in all a great – if not long day – best barra went 71cm – all the bigger fish caught ont he troll in 3 metres of water on the left hand weed bank as you move away frm the ramp area.
Point of note for the land based fishers – when we turned up there was a big crco laying in the boat ramp. Pulling out was abit of a pain in the arse with the trailer sinking in the mud – typical 4 mile problem, but we got there.

Next stop a run to 2 mile doing some research for the next FF mag.


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