Blackmore river muddies

JD and i took the tinny out this morning and launched at Middle arm ramp – headed straight up to the Blackmore with the tide running out – water was crystal clear. Had a quick stop at the creek mouth and bagged a few more live prawns for bait. Made our way up to the Blackmore – man there are some serious rocks up there – only managed to give one a touch up but nothing serious.

Dropped the lift nets in and then had a bit of a fish – loads and loads of bream, snapper – all small ones but great fun. JD snagged a good mother-in-law which gave him abit of a workout especially when he got him around a snag – we eventually got him out – quick snap and he was on his way.
No crabs till the tide started to run in – JD pulled on lift net and a BIG buck was half out but with a deft hand he let the net down, gave a quick flick and on board came a beautiful carb of about 1.5 kg – great.

Interesting bit of river up there – mobs of small fish around and i reckon it will be bream heaven up there when they really move into the harbour. the fish went off the bite when the tide started to run in and the water dirtied up. We were right up above the blackmore ramp but it was nice day – Cooroboree tomorrow to see if we can snag a few pesky barra – the little tinny is a god send – 8 litres of fuel for a good day out so that was pretty good value.


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