4 mile hole delivers

With one of Vickis cousins up from SA and needing a barra fix we headed out to 4 mile on Sunday night after a nice dinner at the Palmy tavern.  Lobbed out there around 1130pm after a glorious run on an awesome 4 mile road – never seen it better.  Not sure how long it will last but its tops right now.

Unloaded the kit and set the tent up – mossies were surprisingly MIA – it was great to be able to cut around in a t shirt and not get smashed by insects.  We decided to throw the boat in and go for a look around but didnt have any luck.  Called it quits and grabbed a couple of hours of sleep.  The genny I picked up from slayer running a fan was the ducks guts.

Up early and went for a troll along the front of the weed beds were we had picked up some good fish a few weeks back but it was pretty much dead with the exception of a couple of powertails.  Trolled back towards the camping area and got wacked by a good barra around 70cm – couple fo pics and went to let him go but he had broken his neck in the fight so in the ice he went.

The next day and a half were awesome – spent casting to every nook and cranny and landed heaps and heaps of rat barra – some reasonable ones amngst them but now record breakers – we would ahve landed around 70 odd barra between the three of us.  Heaps of tarpon – heaps of barra taken sight casting to them – plenty of fish following lures which gets the blood pumping in the crystal clear water – great fun – fish a cast action at times.  The southerner landed every species available – archer, long tom barra, perch, sleepy cod – had a ball.

Will post some pics when i get them.

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