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Long time between…

December 13th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, it’s been a while since I put my maiden post on here and I thought it was about time for an update.  I have had limited time for any piscotorial adventures of late due to issues with my new 2nd hand car, which long story short had electrical issues and caught fire 2 weeks after I bought it!  *sigh* took 4 weeks to fix and after a LOT of stuffing around the insurance company finally came through with the goods and covered it.

Anyway, I also decided to put in the offer to provide an array of seafood for the christmas lunch / dinner / day of eating proceedings for this year and as such have been hitting my landbased spots in an attempt to stock the freezer (as a backup, I’m hoping that christmas eve will be a day to remember).  Have had limited success either due to wrong tides when I have had the opportunity to get out or my too common friend “the dropsie’s”.

Saturday afternoon looked good for tides and I had a chance to get away.  Arrived at my secret spot *wink* and surface activity was furious on the low tide.  I had decided to make the switch to a single rear hook on my poppers just for something different.  Couldn’t raise any attention on my surface lures and after about 40 minutes a large afternoon storm swept in which created quite a bit of chop, not to mention a lot of rain.  Needless to say I got soaked for about 45 minutes.  Once the storm had passed things were pretty quiet.  The occasional surface splash occured, and when it was in range.. OH BOY!  the first time it was in range it resulted in a nice couple of hits and a hookup.  A lovely 60cm Queenie made it to shore *WOOT*  it’s been a few months since I landed a decent fish and things were looking up.  The next hour or so resulted in limited hits, but they were there.  Time was rolling on and it was getting a little dark.  Time to pull the pin.  But in usual fishing fashion, I thought to myself, just another couple of casts! 😉

I changed my position for the my “Last 10 casts”  before I headed home.  The first 5 casts every pull of the popper resulted in a massive hit from a queenie that was pushing towards the metre,  following the lure all the way to the edge each time.  Each pop the popper dissapeared under the surface and the line going tight, but no hookup (maybe I shouldn’t have switched to a single hook setup :S).  Then the beast just dissapeared… Oh well, a bit of fun and next time!  IT”S ON!

I hope I can get out there again soon… but time will tell!

Anyway, good fishing all! tight lines, avoid the storms and Merry Christmas!

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