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Well, it’s been a while since I put my maiden post on here and I thought it was about time for an update.  I have had limited time for any piscotorial adventures of late due to issues with my new 2nd hand car, which long story short had electrical issues and caught fire 2 weeks after I bought it!  *sigh* took 4 weeks to fix and after a LOT of stuffing around the insurance company finally came through with the goods and covered it.

Anyway, I also decided to put in the offer to provide an array of seafood for the christmas lunch / dinner / day of eating proceedings for this year and as such have been hitting my landbased spots in an attempt to stock the freezer (as a backup, I’m hoping that christmas eve will be a day to remember).  Have had limited success either due to wrong tides when I have had the opportunity to get out or my too common friend “the dropsie’s”.

Saturday afternoon looked good for tides and I had a chance to get away.  Arrived at my secret spot *wink* and surface activity was furious on the low tide.  I had decided to make the switch to a single rear hook on my poppers just for something different.  Couldn’t raise any attention on my surface lures and after about 40 minutes a large afternoon storm swept in which created quite a bit of chop, not to mention a lot of rain.  Needless to say I got soaked for about 45 minutes.  Once the storm had passed things were pretty quiet.  The occasional surface splash occured, and when it was in range.. OH BOY!  the first time it was in range it resulted in a nice couple of hits and a hookup.  A lovely 60cm Queenie made it to shore *WOOT*  it’s been a few months since I landed a decent fish and things were looking up.  The next hour or so resulted in limited hits, but they were there.  Time was rolling on and it was getting a little dark.  Time to pull the pin.  But in usual fishing fashion, I thought to myself, just another couple of casts! 😉

I changed my position for the my “Last 10 casts”  before I headed home.  The first 5 casts every pull of the popper resulted in a massive hit from a queenie that was pushing towards the metre,  following the lure all the way to the edge each time.  Each pop the popper dissapeared under the surface and the line going tight, but no hookup (maybe I shouldn’t have switched to a single hook setup :S).  Then the beast just dissapeared… Oh well, a bit of fun and next time!  IT”S ON!

I hope I can get out there again soon… but time will tell!

Anyway, good fishing all! tight lines, avoid the storms and Merry Christmas!

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2010 Corroboree Park Challenge

November 2nd, 2010 No comments

About six months ago the suggestion was made that as I spend so much time attempting to fish that I might actually enter a competition to see how I could match up against other/s who also claim the tag of “Fisherman”.  After a quick bit of research the Corroboree Park Challenge was selected as an ideal starter comp.  A call went out to my fishing buddy AdsaNT to see if he was interested in joining the team and plans were underway.  The next few months were spent making trips out to the competition grounds doing “research” for the coming competition. As most of my experience in the region had been fishing Hardies we locked in the location for our competition attack.  I had varying success with my research but most trips resulted in boated legal fish.

Expectations were high, as was our excitement as the big day approached.  The boat was ready, as was all the gear.  The plan was made to head out to Corroboree Park Tavern on the friday night after work, and be in line for the registrations at 4:30am on the Saturday morning.  We drove out after work in the rain, which continued in varying amounts throughout the night.  After a pub meal we headed back to the accommodation to check all our gear and rig up in readiness for lines-in at 6am the following morning.

AdsaNT last minute practise

AdsaNT last minute practise

Too excited to sleep we got out the trusty iPhone and practised for a while… things were looking good for the weekend with a fish a cast for at least 20 minutes.


We decided to sleep in a bit as it wouldn’t take us long to drive from the Tavern to Hardies once we were signed up, but we weren’t sure on how long the line would be to register.  Up at 5am saw us walking to the sign-up area with only one other group signing in.  Into the car loaded with all the gear and off to Hardies.  After navigating a few water hazards on the road in we made it to the ramp in the dark and prepared the boat for launch.  We hit the water with a few minutes to spare before lines in at 6am and headed straight for our first spot.  We arrived in time to witness the start of the day as the sun raised it’s head over the horizon… “AHHH MAGIC!”

Sunrise Day 1

Sunrise Day 1

After watching the sunrise for a bit and taking in our surrounds it was GAME ON.  We flicked at snags, put on weedless frogs and blooped our way through the lilies with limited success.  A few knocks here and there and a few follows, but nothing to get really excited about for the first stop.

Moving on we made our way along the weed beds and snags looking for a fish… Any fish…  The day progressed with a number of big hits but still failure to hookup on anything.

Morale was down and the day was moving past way to quickly,  chatting with other boats on the water most of our fellow “fisherman” were experiencing the same predicament.

We drifted along with the wind, flicking at snags all the way hoping for something… anything to have a go.  Ahead we heard that lovely sound… the “boof” of a Barra feeding, in behind the pandanus clump that we were currently fishing.  As the boat drifted past, an opening appeared to the back of the pandanus and a perfectly placed cast got smashed as soon as the lure hit the water.  I was on!!!  FANTASTIC.  A few crazy moments dealing with a tree stump at the entrance and a few wild jumps and the fish was safely netted and into the boat.  We were on the board with a fat and healthy looking 52.5cm .  A quick photo and back the fish went. In our excitement and to make sure we got the fish back in the water safely, we had forgotten to take the typical angler shot… Oh well!  There will be more opportunities.

52.5cm we're on the board

52.5cm we're on the board

We continued on, flicking our way along the edges looking for more, but it wasn’t to be.  We decided to call it quits around 5pm as a storm was rolling in and we weren’t going to fish in the dark.  (The size of my boat and the size of the crocs just don’t mix especially at night!).

We returned to the tavern for another great pub meal and then headed for bed.  Tomorrow was another day and there were definitely fish there, just not playing the game.

Sunrise Day 2

Sunrise Day 2


Up again early the next day in time to enjoy another gorgeous sunrise out in my favourite part of the world.  We needed to find some fish and we needed to find ’em soon.  Time was running out and we both wanted to better our current position, me with my 52cm and AdsaNT without a fish boated was starting to get a little “grumpy”.

But all was not lost as AdsaNT boated the first fish for the day, it lifted our spirits a little. And when I say a little, I mean a “little”. I offered to put it on the brag mat but feared that it would be lost on the deck of the boat, so a quick photo and back into the water for the little fella!

Day 2 - First Catch

Day 2 - First Catch (AdsaNT's monster)

The day continued on and time flew by, lots of follows and a few descent hits here and there but still no hookups.  We moved around a fair bit and looked for any signs of fish. They were certainly there, but just not hungry.  It was just on 11am and only 3.5hrs remained before we needed to get the boat out of the water and head back to the tavern to put in our photo’s for entry.  At this stage we only  have one photo for submission. The pressure was on. Another cast and slow retrieve and BANG I was on, line spooling, whatever it was it was big. AdsaNT made the call of HORSE!  after about 3 minutes of fighting the fish, gaining line, losing line, gaining line, the fish still hadn’t surfaced. Hmmm, I called it. CATFISH, wishing I was incorrect, but I wasn’t!  It was a biggun’  not the biggest I’ve seen on the FFF, but was a PB for me, the thing weighed a ton. Back into the water went the whiskered critter and back to the more important fishing to get another Barra on the board.

We continued moving along the edges flicking at snags with the occasional bump or flash of silver following the lure.  We decided to head to a snag where I had a number of hits the day before around the same time of day.  Upon arrival the first cast resulted in a hit  and a run, followed by a flying tarpon.. DAMN! but at the same time hadn’t ever got onto descent sized tarpon like this.  For the next few minutes it was a fish a cast the best catch coming from a tarpon that smashed the lure and jumped into the boat from about 6 metres away.  I was just about falling over with laughter and was having a ball.  I wanted to just hang out here, this was fun.  But AdsaNT with still no Barra to his name demanded that we move on.

Tarpon Inhale

Tarpon Inhale

We eventually ended up back at the ramp and still hadn’t managed to get AdsaNT a fish or me a bigger one, we would be ending our comp with a 52.5cm Barra as our only entry as our time was up.  We loaded the boat and headed back to the Tavern.  There was a good turnout and the prizes looked good.  There was still a chance that I could nab the “random length” prize.  As the presentation progressed lucky door prizes were being handed out, both AdsaNT and I scored a lucky door prize! A bunch of lures a few stickers and a new fishing hat!  we missed out on the random length prize and had no hope in winning the comp…

All in all it was a great couple of days to be out on the water with a good mate, taking in the awesome scenery and wildlife and flicking, flicking, flicking, flicking… For my first competition experience I would say it was a good bit of fun.  I’m thinking I might have to do this again!  But of course will need to do a lot more “research” *wink*.

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