Cyclone Carlos

February 16th, 2011 | Cyclone | No Comments »

00073_xvid – Golf course video during cyclone (note the bridge with water about a foot or so below top of it)

00078_xvid – video of the same bridge as above with water almost over the top.  This was taken about 45 mins later. 

00075_xvid – Backyard video during cyclone

Videos are of the house and golf course during cyclone Carlos.  Winds only gusting up to 80kms/h so not a very big one.  A few trees down in other suburbs but no damage here yet.  Had some minor leak into the ceiling of the upstairs portion of the house.  Water was coming out of one of my speakers.  Will wait until the weather dissipates to test it.  Bugger.

Here in Marrara, we had the all time Darwin record for rain in a single day yesterday – approx 430mm (16.9 inches) and so far today (since 9am) we’ve had another 125mm (4.9 inches).  Thats over half a metre (555mm or 21.8 inches) of rain in just under 36 hours with lots more to come in the next few days.