Rubber ducky poppers ON SALE NOW

Just did a trip with BarraBeast to scare the fish on the Adelaide River.

Before leaving, Beasty ripped a rubber ducky from his son’s grasp and said "that’s mine".

We hit the mouth of the Adelaide and Beasty soon hooked and lost a metre fish in The Narrows (I forget what type of lure) but it was quiet, so we went up Cape Hotham for a look around.

A net boat was there (of course) and despite being baitfish around, flat calm and perfect tide for our spot there were only a few fish about, most of them small.

Lost one 70-80cm barra at a creek mouth and got a couple of blue salmon, plus a couple of small barra.

Beasty rigged up a rubber ducky popper and sure enough got a small barra at a spot I had just flogged with a gold Bomber. An absolute kwackup. Now looking for a Chinese factory to make them.

Funny that my only run-off trip this year (due to work commitments with the FISH FINDER book) had to be near a net boat.

As you may recall the NT Government put the net closure line on the Adelaide River in close to the river entrance when they closed it to netting, and it looks like history will repeat itself at the Finniss – seems hardly worth closing the rivers unless the closure lines contain a good area around the mouth.

But it was good to catch up with Beasty and have a cast.

His new Suzuki 90hp is brilliant, very quiet, plenty of power. I gotta get some WWI flying goggles now …

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