Flying the FFF flag, bwahahaha

Took the the tin lids to East Point today, with a couple of rods and a packet of prawns.

Aside from sand crabs, there wasn’t much happening. One rod took off for the water and my wife saved it, but the fish kept going out to sea and broke off.

Aside from that the pictures tell the story.

Dropped in at Hurley’s Aquariums on the way home. To misquote Saturday Night Live: “I got a fever, and the only prescription … is more fish!”

Got home and realised I’d missed the AFANT meeting. Oh well, I wasn’t keen on hearing Inpex explain how they would blow up Darwin Harbour’s Walker Shoal without doing any significant damage anyway.

The one that didn't get away

Maggie at work

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  1. mud says:

    That piccie of Maggie is great. That powertail looks like a spiking waiting to happen : )

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