Beatrice Creek, Adelaide River, NT

Small soft plastics like this work really well

The Beatrice Creek colour change today

The Beatrice "lone pandanus" - X marks the spot to cast

Fished Beatrice Creek this morning, the neap tides are really getting the creek pumping now. Small tides seem to move a lot of water on the upper Adelaide.

There is bait gathering, including tarpon, gars, mullet and rainbows, and this creek could fire from tomorrow if it keeps pumping for a few more days.

We caught a few rats to 75cm, with small soft plastics working best, but it was slow on the outgoing tide. Might have been better on the incoming.

Don’t just fish in the colour change, fish the pockets along the banks. The pandanus on the upstream bank has a fish-holding spot next to it (see picture with X marking the spot) – anchor 30 foot out and cast.

Trolling the downstream bank snags and drop-off and the mouth produces big fish each year.

This creek produces huge fish sometimes, so hold on!

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