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Updated July 8, 2019: Updated the software.

Our blogs

In recent years many FFF users have gone onto Facebook for their “blogging” and seem happy with that platform.

Those looking for a more customisable publishing platform, with readership control, the potential to earn money, and without the raft of Facebook spyware, can create their own blogs using WordPress software and various customisable themes here at

Blogs and blog posts can easily be shared to Facebook and other social media.

WordPress is world-class blog software, ideal for making a perpetual fishing and hunting diary. You have control over your blog settings. You can also put your own Google Adsense ads on your blogs to earn income from your posts.

We do a weekly offsite backup, guaranteeing safety of your data. If we ever close shop, your blog data can be saved and handed over.


Email the desired title for your blog to or send me (Matt Flynn) a PM. I’ll create the blog and send you the user name and password.

For help getting started with your blog: Getting Started with WordPress which is aimed at everyone from first timers to seasoned bloggers looking for specific functions.

We also have a forum dedicated to the blogs, where you can get help from fellow members of the Fish Finder Forums and share your own tips.